Sunday, November 14, 2010

Twitter's Diary

Don't want to waste my time to say hi . so i came here in the midnight because this felling just bothering me. Well there always be a conflict in our world. of course well I'm having one now. But i don't think this will be easy ... well i just don't have anything to say . I already said on twitter . i get dizzy easily lately . I'm stress , friends, school but not love . ...

Totally confused about what happened. Coz' of that I'm thinking seriously where are my friend now ?.

And that thoughts come, they are in my heart. Even though that I felt well I feel not close enough with my friend or I felt like ..

"di nomor 2kan" but I'm just believe like I said in my blog they won't forget me and they will stay beside me no matter what ..

Just throw out that crazy and bad thought 'bout not having any friens,this is just the way to make our bond more and more special and strong

Just thinking my way makes me better.I don't want hurt my self to think negatively about them. Coz it just make me sad and felt like a loner

And do you know how sad become a loner'. Doesn't have friend to tell, doesn't have friend to cry this thought makes you hurt isn't ??

That's why just think please just thinking positively !! Think that they ain't have time, this is high school many schedules and examines ..

So,I know that they're thinking about me too.I know they're my friens and they're good,care,and,helpful.One of my precious thing in my world

Well why wake up in the midnight like this makes you feel galau?. Now It's true that many people feel anxious in the midnight ..

Having this conversation makes my head dizzy, tears come out, and that memories flash back on my mind . I hate wake up in the midnight !!