Friday, September 19, 2014

Review : Innisfree Canola Honey Lip Balm Stick

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Hi I'm back with a new review from my last haul yay. You know i live in Jakarta basically a super hot place and a city full of vehicle. But still i love it here. Because the weather is getting hotter, my lips tends to dry and i hate chapped lips so do you right?. Its looks unhealthy and if i use tint or lipstick it will look very bad and ugly. That's why we need lip balm so much!!! like much! and i found my hg lip balm which is Innisfree canola honey lip balm! lets take a look!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

#Vina's Story Time!

It is more shameful to distrust our friends than to be deceived by them.
― Confucius
just like young do and kim tan

Hi! just wanna share that the purpose of this blog is for me to tell so many stories that happen in my life, that's why my blog title used to duniaku, dunianya, dunia kita ( my world, their world, our world). Basically just wanna share others (re: strangers) about my feeling. But recently i love doing beauty review, at first i do it personally just wanna practice my english. But now i kinda fell into a beauty hole still learning though. Now i change my blog title since i think my old blog title didn't suit of the content in this blog, but still i wanna share my feeling and stories with you my lovely strangers. Cross my mind well i take this name from a song i think this suit this blog, since what i tell or write in here is all what cross my mind. Stories that linger in my mind, feeling that i never forget and of course so many beauty things that i wanna buy and review hihi. on this night i feel so blue, I'm not an expert when it comes to socialise, sometimes i can't handle situation, perhaps u may find me boring and kinda flat.I have so many good friends, but sometimes people misunderstand right?. I feel blue because of just a little thing happen, like right now. well i hope its just a little misunderstanding right? it can happen i know. i'm doing my best to comfort myself. in the past week i've come to a realisation that do i really have a good friend? is there anyone who will feel really sad when i'm not with them?. I do feel sad...

Here's song from the once - You're my best friend.

Friday, September 12, 2014

September Haul!

In the blogging-mood hihi. well you know my last post about my august wishlist right? yay finally i achieve that well not all of it but i still consider i achieve it hihi. So let's just check my september haul. 

1) the long awaited cushion! yay finally i get a cushion, actually i kind buy two cushion precious magic any cushion from etude and this innisfree long wear cushion. My magic any cushion is in still pre order mode so I haven't receive it yet. 

2) of cours Lippies! yay yay yay my friend recommend me this Aritaum Honey Melting Tint and I see a good review from many bloggers like Liah Yoo, and i buy it. It's really good! I have 2 color but the other one is still in pre-order mode hihi. And I've buy lip balm from innisfree canola honey stick, I have a very dry lips so i need this:)

3) Last is cleansing foam yay! i've been so in love with my jeju volcanic foam from innisfree and i wanna try the others hihi, so i decided to buy this babies! Both smells good :)


Omg like superb omg! fellas i have come back to my dorm and found out that almost!!!!! all my makeup and skin care is expired! ugh i feel superb sad and kind of didn't want to get rid of it because some of it is limited edition. Ugh i'm so in love with packaging hell yeah~

so these are my babies! btw you should check your makeup expired some korean makeup only put their date of production. And if you see this jar, it's mean that this product will expired 6 month after you open it ( m is stands for month).

This is my cleansing foam from etude hehe! wait for the review:)

For me i know that mascara only last for 3 months but i'm kinda ignore it Hehe. And you should now that some blush in powder is more last than blush in cream. I feel like we should take more attention in this expired thingy, so you can prevent break out. If you have break out 1st one i suggest to check your products because i get breakout because my cream is 2 month expired :( 

And for some people who buys their products online, you should check it too. And don't fall for a really really cheap price because i got a product that almost expired. Well check for everything! 

You'll be missed :(

Well good bye my babies:( I'll miss you!
*oh i'm so sad to throw away my shining SHINee collection* *sobbing* .