Sunday, April 15, 2012


Hai blog ku tercinta yg udh gatau gue terakhir post kapan. Btw gue udh kelas 2sma loh semester 3 akhir whew* .
Well kalau ternyata post terakhir gue adalah pas kelas satu. Ini short review kehidupan gue kelas 2!!
First. Gue anak ipa 3 which is known as Alga Biru aka Alam 3 biang rusuh. Kelas ini isinya dijit yg dr X5 banyak dr X4 dan X3. Wali kelas gue namanya bu ibra she is very very generous person. She's a religion teacher. Well why i say she is a generous person coz once a month at least she will bring box of risol and give it to us for Free!!!
And i already have a study tour. 34 2013 goes to bali and jogja. Such a wonderful time but sad @first. Too complicated if i told u now.

Then im already graduated @lia course wohoooo so excited"  but my english still bad. I even forgot to spell bicycle.  shit-¨-
Last my driver resigned last month. Well hope its the best thing for him. And now my new driver is my ex driver's brother.
And what i mostly think about is i'm aging. I am sad of that fact. The fact that i will graduate from high school soon. The fact that i have my own id card.  and etc  i feel soooooo galau"!!!!!!

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