Saturday, December 31, 2016

Hi. goals :)

Like i always do during new year's eve, I make resolution and new hashtag every year. This year personally i want to improve my mindset and social skills. I will do vacation or meet up without hesitation with my friends or others. No more excuses just go! will have more quality time with my family since this year i will become co-assistant. I personally haven't read anything in 2016 that is so sad. So this year i need to read some good books. That's what i wanna improve in 2017. But this is what i want in 2017.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Hi. 2016

Yes seperti judulnya mau sharing tentang 2016-nya vina, pertama gue itu tipe yang organized dalam arti gue suka highlight moment yang menurut gue penting dalam perjalanan gue di dunia ini, makanya gue suka banget sama planner dan instagram. Mereka berdua penting buat gue, kaya sekarang gue ngerecall moment ya sambil liat planner yg udah dekil dan postingan instagram gue. 2016 itu apa ya? hmm..

Friday, November 4, 2016

Modul Capek yang buat bersyukur :)

Hi! mau cerita tentang modul baru yang diterapkan di fk usakti, baru banget dirasain sama angkatan 13 FK usakti, Modul Komprehensif namanya. Apasih modul kompre itu? menurut gue ya modul kompre itu modul yang sitemnya kaya kerja lapangan. Kenapa gue bilang kerja lapangan ya emang gitu kenyataannya kita ga belajar di kampus melainkan di daerah cengkareng khususnya RW13, modul ini lamanya lima minggu. di modul ini kita dibagi perkelompok besar, dan dalam kelompok besar ada 3 kelompok kecil. di masing-masing minggu kita dibagi dalam 3 aspek kedokteran yaitu kedokteran keluarga, geriatri dan kesehatan kerja. Setiap minggunya kita akan di rolling jadi semuanya dapet tiga bidang tadi. Untuk kedokteran keluarga dibagi lagi gitu obstetrik, anak, mata, kulit dll.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I'm Happier these days!


It's 10:22 pm and i'm on my period and also the big news SHINee has just drop the first teaser for their comeback! you should follow their instagram @shinee.1of1. I don't know why i feel a little bit homesick today i wanna cry and go home but i think it's because of my pms. Okay i wanna tell a little bit story of mine, i feel happier these day and i don't know why. Long time ago i feel like a loner like i never feel happiness like i'm trying to be happy like anyone else, but i guess if you push it too hard to become happy you actually don't feel it.

Sunday, September 11, 2016


Hi everyone/-,-/

Seneng deh mau ngeblog lagi setelah sekian lama dan bahan blognya alhamdulillah kabar baik banget. Kemarin kemarin aku bahas tentang proposal dan sebagainya sekarang alhamdulillah, ujian proposal ku udah lulus, terus ujian soca (student oral case analysis) aku juga udah lulus. Bersyukur banget deh rasanya lega tp masih deg-degan juga sih karena masih ada dua ujian lagi buat bisa S.Ked. 
Doain ya semoga ujiannya selalu diberi kemudahan dan keberkahan dan lulus 1x putaran amin.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Happy Ramadan!

Hi guys long time no blogging. I'm such a procrastinator, i do have so many things to review but i just don't have the feeling to blog. I don't know i just don't want to, recently i enjoy editing videos more. You can check out my youtube channel Vinot's Life , you know my editing is not great but i'm proud of it. in the past month or week i feel really bored with my routines, i feel like my life is not having any fun and too flat. In the morning i woke up take a shower, getting ready to college, study until 4pm, go home do my homework and do the same thing every week. Stress over the work of my thesis, having a crisis identity and personally sensitive over nothing. Btw lets just cut it out, let's talk about something else which is beauty products! I just bought something form testerkorea and jolse and i will make a haul video or blog post about it. My personal muse this year is cushion i bought too many cushion this yearrr! and not even regret it, will talk about this in the next post. well that's it, not really fun thing to read and what a boring writing right? hahahahhaha

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Financially fine for the future!

well today's topic is about money. why ? because i feel like wanna share my tips or my experience in managing money. I've come to realised that money is kinda important in our life, now that i a college student who live in a rent room i manage all my needs alone. 

My parents give me a fine amount of money monthly, the first year of college is fine literally lots of money. Then come the second year of college when i got a raise in my monthly money it actually a good news right? but you know what it's pretty much disaster everything is gone within the first week, then i realised why it happen?! it's because i splurge all of it in useless things or event. So i start this kinda my tricks and tips and voila and now it's getting better. 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Hi! I'm opening my new online shop!

Hi everyone just let you know that i just opened my new online shop called @notshops . It basically sells makeup stuff like lip tint and cleansing water with a cheap price. You can search my shops in instagram , shopee and tokopedia. Anyone interested? Well gals let's shop!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Fine on the outside'

okay guys i know it's been long time since i update. First of all sorry for not doing what i suppose to do, which is review of Ofra Miami Fever. Truth i really wanna do swatch my kathleen lips miami fever but it's gone like i don't know where i put it. Like hell i've been searching it for months but still no clue. It's like one of the best liquid lipstick for my lips like hell yes it match with both of my personality and lips. 
Then i have to face it the truth of finishing my thesis. I've been stressing over my thesis work like i've been rejected by my prof because my title was too mainstream. Like everything around me evolved so fast and i've been left behind. Now i have to work on my thesis like i'm so confused i don't even get it about how to do sampling and so on. I just wanna go back to when i was child. Like twenty one pilots stressed out song is the truth! I'm happy you know, i feel like future seems closer but then it get scarier. 
Then i have a personal issue in my house feeling like my parents so old and i'm sad about it. What have i done until now? I regret not travel around with my best friend, I feel like disappointed with everything. I think i haven't do much things in my college year. I never enjoy the moment and i regret it. When my friend around i feel lonely, like i missed being loved. Is it just me? or anyone feel it too. 
Well that's it. here it is the soundtrack for my feeling right now. Btw this like the soundtrack for "when marine was there". it's such a good anime its from ghibli. Recommend it !