Saturday, April 11, 2015

April is coming!

hi hello vinn! I'm sorry for not blogging for some quite time. I can't handle this new situation, good news is i got accepted in AMSA yay and nay, haha i've been feeling so tired and LAZY omg! i don't know why like i always feeling lazy, sorry for always hearing the word lazy in my blog. Don't be like me guys, seriously i skipped so many classes in my college huff. i felt sorry for my parents i really do. 
Ok btw i haven't review anything and i haven't take any picture these days. So for this week i think i won't be able to do some review super sorry:(. Actually these day i really wanna learn about photoshop for my blogging picture, and i wanna learn how to take beautiful picture, just admit it my pictures look awful right? (sobbing). 
This month haul probably is all about lips, oh gosh! like every time i bought something there's always a lip product. I can't get enough of lip products and it's killing my wallet. So this month i buy LA splash smitten in enchanted i see many bloggers was amazed by this product and it's making me super curious, also the new indie lip products by Colourpop you should check it! i mean seriously guys this lips is super cute and affordable! go check it. I also buy Korean lip products from Aritaum which is coating tint and Aritaum wannabe cushion tint. Hopefully i can review it next week!