Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Review: Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Cream

Hi everyone! counting down to new year! well i've been really lazy to update my blog even tough i'm on my holiday ㅋㅋㅋ.  so i run out my benton aloe gel which i already review and i decided to try this Innisfree green tea line, so i basically have their cream, skin(toner) and the green tea seed serum! I spent so much on this Innisfree huff... 

This is part of my December haul actually which i haven't post it yet since i'm super busy hanging around with my friend hihi. 

Innisfree has released new variations of their bestseller line which is green tea as part of their 2014 upgrade, they have 3 variants like fresh for the oily, balancing for combination, and last moisture for dry one. Well i pick up the balancing because i have combination skin which is oily in the T-zone. You can also mix it like i read from some blog she use fresh cream but the rest is combination. I think Innisfree really smart for dividing this line based on everyone skin type. Good Job!

You know what i love from innisfree beside Yoona is their logo and their green eco stuff, they really commit about it from advertising and their packaging is very eco like, I also enjoy their instagram feed! Love it you should check it! @innisfreeofficial 

Friday, December 26, 2014

Review : Aritaum Honey Melting Tint Raspberry Cake!

hi feeling so red today, even my weight is still in not a good number i'm feeling super red like wherever i go i heard hyuna red song playing in my head. well today i wanna share my Aritaume honey melting tint, i have two honey melting tint which i really adore 💜 I don't know how to call this product, i'm not even sure is this liptint? because the texture creamy and i feel this like a lipstick.

Product description :

credit : IBuyBeauti

Colours available :

credit : IBuyBeauti

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Work with community, Together we develop! - ComDev Usakti-

hello there! I've been really busy this month, and couldn't update my blog. sadly! well too much activities yay and nay! i do feel tired but i feel happy! so i've been busy with this organisation from my campus that's call ComDev stands for Community Development. Well like the name ComDev is all about making a better change to a community, because my major is medical, we try to develop a better health in this community. Recently we held our main event which is charity (free check up and free medicine)! its held in some kind area near my campus. We have 100 coupons for people who need it, but then it become more than we expected it almost reach more than 150 people! 
It was such a tired day! my part was become an doctor assistant (doing anamnesis and writing recipe), but i had to handle the pharmacy(reading recipe and making it) too! wow great experience! I practice what I learned in school, and it was amazing. It feels different when you face your patient from different age, I saw case that i never been imagined. I saw a grandpa with a neurodermatitis, its a skin disease caused by anxiety or stress, it feels itch and the pattern is same like if you itch in your left thumb your right thumb will feel it too. Overall i'm glad that i have part of this activity!!

The Receptionist Team


Friday, September 19, 2014

Review : Innisfree Canola Honey Lip Balm Stick

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Hi I'm back with a new review from my last haul yay. You know i live in Jakarta basically a super hot place and a city full of vehicle. But still i love it here. Because the weather is getting hotter, my lips tends to dry and i hate chapped lips so do you right?. Its looks unhealthy and if i use tint or lipstick it will look very bad and ugly. That's why we need lip balm so much!!! like much! and i found my hg lip balm which is Innisfree canola honey lip balm! lets take a look!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

#Vina's Story Time!

It is more shameful to distrust our friends than to be deceived by them.
― Confucius
just like young do and kim tan

Hi! just wanna share that the purpose of this blog is for me to tell so many stories that happen in my life, that's why my blog title used to duniaku, dunianya, dunia kita ( my world, their world, our world). Basically just wanna share others (re: strangers) about my feeling. But recently i love doing beauty review, at first i do it personally just wanna practice my english. But now i kinda fell into a beauty hole still learning though. Now i change my blog title since i think my old blog title didn't suit of the content in this blog, but still i wanna share my feeling and stories with you my lovely strangers. Cross my mind well i take this name from a song i think this suit this blog, since what i tell or write in here is all what cross my mind. Stories that linger in my mind, feeling that i never forget and of course so many beauty things that i wanna buy and review hihi. on this night i feel so blue, I'm not an expert when it comes to socialise, sometimes i can't handle situation, perhaps u may find me boring and kinda flat.I have so many good friends, but sometimes people misunderstand right?. I feel blue because of just a little thing happen, like right now. well i hope its just a little misunderstanding right? it can happen i know. i'm doing my best to comfort myself. in the past week i've come to a realisation that do i really have a good friend? is there anyone who will feel really sad when i'm not with them?. I do feel sad...

Here's song from the once - You're my best friend.

Friday, September 12, 2014

September Haul!

In the blogging-mood hihi. well you know my last post about my august wishlist right? yay finally i achieve that well not all of it but i still consider i achieve it hihi. So let's just check my september haul. 

1) the long awaited cushion! yay finally i get a cushion, actually i kind buy two cushion precious magic any cushion from etude and this innisfree long wear cushion. My magic any cushion is in still pre order mode so I haven't receive it yet. 

2) of cours Lippies! yay yay yay my friend recommend me this Aritaum Honey Melting Tint and I see a good review from many bloggers like Liah Yoo, and i buy it. It's really good! I have 2 color but the other one is still in pre-order mode hihi. And I've buy lip balm from innisfree canola honey stick, I have a very dry lips so i need this:)

3) Last is cleansing foam yay! i've been so in love with my jeju volcanic foam from innisfree and i wanna try the others hihi, so i decided to buy this babies! Both smells good :)


Omg like superb omg! fellas i have come back to my dorm and found out that almost!!!!! all my makeup and skin care is expired! ugh i feel superb sad and kind of didn't want to get rid of it because some of it is limited edition. Ugh i'm so in love with packaging hell yeah~

so these are my babies! btw you should check your makeup expired some korean makeup only put their date of production. And if you see this jar, it's mean that this product will expired 6 month after you open it ( m is stands for month).

This is my cleansing foam from etude hehe! wait for the review:)

For me i know that mascara only last for 3 months but i'm kinda ignore it Hehe. And you should now that some blush in powder is more last than blush in cream. I feel like we should take more attention in this expired thingy, so you can prevent break out. If you have break out 1st one i suggest to check your products because i get breakout because my cream is 2 month expired :( 

And for some people who buys their products online, you should check it too. And don't fall for a really really cheap price because i got a product that almost expired. Well check for everything! 

You'll be missed :(

Well good bye my babies:( I'll miss you!
*oh i'm so sad to throw away my shining SHINee collection* *sobbing* . 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Jelly Jello Tint Meet Gloss in #2 Review!

hi! today i'm gonna review one of the face shop products which is enamel jelly tint from the line lovely me:ex! Well i got this from my local the face shop its in Margocity depok. I forgot how much this tint cost, because i was shopping with my mama haha. It does matter when you go shopping with your parents. I'm really not a gloss type person when it comes to lips and at that time i'm not even read what i was pick. So let's just see this tint gloss!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Review! Benton BHA skin toner and Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel.

Have you heard about Benton? if you haven't well its basically a Korean cosmetic brand not so famous internationally but really hype in Korean beauty blogger. Their famous product if i'm not mistaken is the snail bee serums. But today i'll review their Aloe line. My daily skin care routine is cleansing, toner, serum, cream, sleeping pack. I buy this toner because i run out my usual toner which is etude house wonder pore. Benton claim this toner is fit for all skin type. My skin is combination (dry and oily in T-zone). I have use this toner for 3 weeks i guess and i feel good. You know that i have suffered in blemish and redness around my cheek and forehead, i really hate it. then i found out that i'm allergic to moist full collagen from etude. But with using only this toner its gave me a massive effect. My redness is completely gone. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Review! Etude House Minnie XOXO Kissing Lips #2 Bubble Pink

Hi! lebaran day 2 and i already feel so bored, so i'm gonna do review this lipstick i bought because of its cute packaging. I never been a fan of minnie but i love disney. I bought it 90k in rupiah around 8$. This lipstick is part of collaboration between etude and Minnie Disney so it's a limited edition. Etude provide two colour #1 in Minnie Red and #2 in Bubble Pink since i don't have pink so i choose #2. These are the promotional picture.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lebaran Day~

Happy Eid al-Fitr everyone! Mohon maaf lahir batin. 

The sad part i didn't join sholat Ied this year. The fact that this is the first time i'm using hijab on Idul Fitri give me some chill hehe. Okay like my usual routine on Idul Fitri is sungkeman ( Indonesian tradition of paying respect to one's parents or older family member). After sungkeman in my house, i go to my grandma house (which in front of my house) because of my grandma is like the oldest person in my neighbourhood she held the open house for everyone. So full of my siblings and people around my neighbourhood. This year i just felt empty and i don't know why haha. But i'm still happy'
and my family taking selfie all the time. pfft.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

August Wishlist!

I know okay, it's not August yet but i really want to share my wish list :) actually it's almost about cosmetic and skincare. i need to save money really hard you know' btw here's the list!

1) My top priority is i really need a sunblock but i also need a good moisturiser for my daily activity, since Jakarta is really hot, I MEAN superb hot! especially in my campus (sigh). So I decided to buy (next month i wish) IOPE air cushion, the review is really good. I'm fan of Liah Yoo one of beauty blogger in youtube and she gave me some kind of inspiration haha. Btw this cushion is really hype because cheon song yi AKA jeon ji hyun from the drama my love from another star use this. But the thing is this cushion is really expensive for me AKA students. Its cost 400k in ruphias or about 38$. But let see if i really buy it or not hihi. 
The one and only jeon ji hyun

Monday, July 21, 2014

Park Seo Joon - Come into my heart!

loving this song from Witch's romance soundtrack, really really love his voice. Superb manly and i don't know perhaps because of the drama too and of course he is really handsome wkwk. Btw this drama mainly focus on a Lady falling in love with a younger man, there's 17 year old gap :) 
I love the chemistry between park seo joon and uhm jung hwa so lovely, and a little bit cheesy. But i'm kinda dissapointed with the ending, not like i imagine fyuh:( and because the drama is over, i'm kinda miss this couple. And this song stuck on my mind. 

Next i got breakouts on my face i don't know if its hormonal or because of some special skin care that i used:( still finding what best for my face. I have spent like over 1 million for skin care, i'm a skin care junkie #ugh how am i supposed to do? Btw it's all clear now, yay I've found out that i'm allergic with some skincare huff.

So Here it is Park seo joon!

I'm just in love with him!

Review! 3CE lipstick #405 #408 #505 by Stylenanda

hello! Like you already know last month i buy these lipstick. so today i'm gonna review it. Have you heard about stylenanda? if you haven't well basically it's a Korean biggest online shop and recently they open their first offline shop in Korea, Its famous because of their ambassador which is Sora park. Many bloggers wear their stuff like clothes and now they have their own makeup line. Its called 3ce ( 3concept eyes). Like many others makeup line they sell lipstick,lip pigment (this is so interesting), lip gloss, foundation and many more. I've been eyeing their lip pigment and lip lacquer but it's very hard to get in my country huff. Well you can visit their web for better info : stylenanda .

So into the lipstick there are so many colours!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

JUNE Haul!

yep udah Juli aja sekarang, Happy Ramadhan semua!

So i've got a lot of new things especially in Beauty hihi my motto this year " I'm going to get prettier" , I don't know why but i feel super duper uglyzzzzz. Let's skip this part makin me feel sad #uhuk. let's check it out!

(Left to Right) Stradivarius wallet, Benton BHA toner, Benton Propolis soothing gel, SecretKey Mist, SecretKey Essence, VS Amber Romance, VS Love is Heavenly, Baby Cream, 3CE Lipstick, Etude House Minnie Lipstick, Lipgloss from The Face Shop, Baby Lips Maybeline, Mizon BB Cream, Ciracle Red Spot Cream, Mizon All in One Repairing Cream, Secret Deodorant.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Naik Kereta Api!

Happy Meal How To Train Your Dragon 2
Yay so today is the first time I ride a train, hehe feels awesome and bit scared. Okay hari ini aku sama kaka aku pergi naik kereta api. Kenapa begitu? Karena aku harus belajar mandiri nih, secara supir aku kan udah berhenti terus aku juga belum lancar bawa mobil (read: udah lupa malah) jadi harus bisa pulang pergi dari grogol - depok via KRL. Hem banget naik angkot aja aku jarang ini naik kereta lagi,  Station yang dipake buat pergi itu dari station UI destinasi-nya ke station terakhir yaitu stasiun kota. Pertama kali kan beli tiket udah pake card gitu mirip MRT-nya spore tapi yah ga sebagus mereka lah ya hihi. Terus pas masuk gerbong kan aku pake gerbong wanita ya' duh ga dapet tempat duduk bayangin ke stasiun terakhir tuh harus lewat +/- 12 stasiun. Kaki udah pegel tapi pas masuk stasiun juanda udah bisa dapet tempat duduk "Alhamdulillah". 

Yay! Kaya anak gaul.
Selama perjalan aku sakit perut pengen poop huff, tapi liat pemandangan kaya takjub sendiri gitu liat monas dan sebagainya. Sampai di stasiun kota ternyata bangunannya itu heritage (gedung tua) keren deh kalo bersih dan tertib sebenernya, sayang aja agak kotor. Disana itu udah ada starbucks, A&W, KFC maklum norak ngebayanginnya tuuh stasiun yang gelap serem banyak abang-abang genit. Udah gitu kan akhirnya bisa kan pergi sendiri kayanya harus yakin bisa sih hehe. Karena haus jadinya beli minum terus aku kepengen jadi anak gaul lah sekali-sekali beli frapuccino starbucks yang bottle. Pulang deh ke stasiun UI, karena dari kota jadinya bisa dapet tempat duduk, kalo duduk pasti ga kerasa beda banget sama pas pergi. Sampe di UI kaka aku kepengen mcd yaudah ke mcd kelapa dua, akhirnya beli happy meal akunya hehe dapet hadiah soalnya. So here's pic about my journey!

Monday, June 16, 2014


Hi, apa kabar?
Akhirnya bias update setelah sekian lama ga diurusin ini blog, sorry soalnya laptopnya kemarin rusak dan memang lagi banyak tugas ini itu :). But today i'm gonna recap all the lost update wkwk. First let me take a selfie~
Kosan Baru 

Yay ini kosan baru sebenernya udah 3 bulan sih, tapi saya belum pamer disini hehe. Gak berantakan sebenernya, baru dibersihin malah cuma keliatanya aja berantakan :(. Ga ada beda antara dua foto cuma yang satu pake filter aja. Btw sekarang saya sudah semester 2 sudah masuk modul DT1 semangat! 

Mau Haul juga nih banyak sih yang dibeli banyak bgt malah sampe bingung, bukan mau pamer tapi ngerasa boros banget beli banyak skin care :(

Harganya sesuai bgt sama isinya banyaak!

Bagus tapi cuma satu shade di kulit aku sih nyambung nyambung aja hehe

udah ya segitu aja mau donlod mv korea yang baru baru nih hihi :)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Moved On!

Yep gue pindah kostan, gue udah sering banget bilang ini sih di twitter finally gue pindah kostan:). Sebenernya sih kostan yang lama itu gue udah enak dan akrab banget gitu sama mbak-nya, well namanya mbak Mia dia umurnya beda sebulan sama gue dan dia tuh mau disuruh - suruh apa aja sama gue yang males banget jalan ini hihi. Tapi ga enaknya kosan gue yang lama itu kamar mandinya bareng, terus gue beneran ga ada temen gitu gue anak fk'13 sendiri di situ, terus ya itu tangganya kecil banget capek banget men naiknya walaupun gue cuma ada di lt.2.
Kostan gue yang lama itu satu tempat sama keluarga gitu, jadi keluarganya dibawah gue anak-anak kostan di lantai 2 dan 3. Nah berhubung gue suka belajar bareng dan gue ga suka sendirian kalo pulang dari kampus gue pindah lah ketempat yang of course lebih baik dari yang lama. Ya apa gunanya gue pindah kalo ke tempat yang lebih jelek kan?. Kosan yang baru ini beneran baru jadi baru jadi 2013, nah kalo ini beneran kosan ga digabung sama keluarga, tapi tetep ada mbaknya yang jaga yang nyuci-in yang bersih - bersih gitu. 
Kostan gue ini banyak banget temen gue wkwk, terus kamar mandinya sendiri, walaupun agak lebih kecil dari pada yang lama tapi buat gue ini nyaman banget. Oh iya gue gak punya tv loh di kostan cuma ada radio & laptop, 2 alat elektronik ini essential banget buat gue dari pada tv (kecuali tv-nya ada tv kabelnya mungkin beda :P). Secara gue pulang udah sore terus gue ngerjain tugas pake laptop, paling radio dipake pas pagi hari suka bangun sendiri kan kasian banget gitu gue-nya sepi wkwk. Dan yang paling penting itu guling kecil gue yang gue punya dari waktu bayi, ini pernah ketinggalan gitu di rumah depok, Alhasil gue ga bisa tidur susah banget tidurnya ada kali gue pagi baru tidur huhu:(
Btw guys semoga pindahnya gue ke kostan baru lebih baik ya? terus bawa berkah buat gue sama keluarga, biar gue lebih semangat lebih baik lagi deh belajarnya. AMIN!

Friday, February 14, 2014


udah cukup deh gue di marahin nyokap mulu bete banget gue salah apa sih di marahin mulu' kenapa sih? salah apa coba:( di rumah jadi samsak terus sakit hati:( sebel terserah deh apa dibilang apa, gue juga ga mau di rumah terus do nothing tapi mau buat apa kadang hal yang kaya gini yang bikin pengen banget ada di kosan. nyesek bete emang vina gapunya perasaan apa?!. emangnya gue ga punya rasa bisa sakit hati apa? emang kalo gue jadi anak paling kecil harus selalu jadi samsak gitu ya? kalo stress karena sesuatu hal kenapa harus dilimpahinnya ke gue?. 
Kenapa? males di rumah capek:( gue diem aja pas dimarahin salah, gue jawab salah maunya apa? kesel banget:( 
stress sendiri, me have my own problem in my own world' capek banget. kesel:( 
kesel sampe ke ubun ubun:( 
sedih, gue sendiri takut kalo gue jadi sakit hati:( gamau bete udah tau gue tipe darah A sekali lo bilang sesuatu pasti gue pikirin :(  tau ah bete banget:(

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Touch Love

English Translation from my favorite song from drama The Master's Sun, enjoy!

When you pass by my finger tips

Warmth spreads throughout
my cold heart

I want to softly go

to you and lean on you
But the distance between
us is not narrowing

It’s okay even if I can’t touch you

It’s okay even if I can’t hug you
Lonely love Yes I love you,
like my destiny
I can feel you

Lalala lala lala

Lalala lala lala
Lalala lala lala lala
My heart can reach you

I want to reach out

my hands and hold you
But it feels like we’ll get farther
apart so I just linger around you

It’s okay even if I can’t love you

It’s okay even if I can’t reach you
Lonely love Yes I love you,
even from far away
I can see you

It’s okay even if I can’t touch you

It’s okay even if I can’t hug you
Lonely love Yes I love you,
like my destiny
I can feel you

Lalala lala lala

Lalala lala lala
Lalala lala lala lala
My heart can reach You

Lonely Love

Credit :

Monday, February 10, 2014

Currently Holiday Report

Dear husk hiks sedihnyaa liburan gue di isi dengan nothing but DVDs and Eat!
My god gimana may kurus kale gue tidur makan dvd utah itu aja. Mau lari tiap pagi tapi ga suka sendirian, oh my gimana ya gue :(

Baru keluar dari rumah itu pun kemarin ke pim, bareng ndy cari baju dan cuma dapet 1 blouse, 1 knitwear dan 1 tas. Duh! gue harus beli baju kemana ya? gue beneran gak punya baju jalan. Terus ya gue nunggu barang etude gue yang harusnya dateng taunya gak ada sedih banget, harus deh gue nunggu 1 bulan lagi buat XOXO minnie lipstick in pink :(
Gue bingung gapunya temen deh, yang lain udah pada masuk yang anak UI sedih banget. BTW gue pindah kosan nih, besok mau liat kamarnya agak sedih ninggalin mba kosan yang sebelumnya bye mbak mia:(

Gue mau kurus gimana nih, masa harus ikut celebrity fitness>.<, btw drama Prime Minister & I udah tamat dan endingnya agak kurang memuaskan, liburan gue isi nonton dvd yang udah gue tonton itu Master Sun. Wow banget ini bagus endingnya puas, semua karakter dapet takdirnya sendiri. Dan So ji sub ganteng banget disini hihi, tua tapi sangat amat attractive yaw!
Hidup gue liburan yang gak sibuk ini bikin bete, ternyata gue suka banget di sibukin dengan kegiatan gue yang kalo pas gak liburan bikin bete. Suka banget pulang sore dari kampus cari bahan tapi gue juga suka jalan - jalan, i miss chatting wiff my friends:(

Btw 2014 gue 19 tahun loh ugh! i hate it feeling that it's almost impossible that i'm this old, just not ready yet. Puncak dimana gue udah bukan remaja, dimana pertanyaan kaya gini muncul "Apa yang udah lo lakuin selama ini? Apa yang lo mau lakuin kedepannya?". Pertanyaan ini muncul terus dibenak gue, Kapan gue bias nyetir sendiri tanpa di temenin supir lo vin? ini juga jadi pertanyaan penting buat gue. Fyuh! hubungan gue yang sama nyokap rada bete gitu, gue bete di marahin yang sebenernya bukan salah gue, tapi gue juga mikir kalo dikosan gue kangen sama marahnya dia. Life is a circle banget ya. Udah deh cukup sekian ntar lama - lama gue nangis lagi curhat mulu-.-

Thursday, January 30, 2014

My holiday!

yay dan nay! hari ini hari terakhir kelass di semester pertama, yep seneng libur tapi masih dag dig dug sama nilai yang belum keluar, yaitu nilai BS-2a dan BS-2b ya Allah luluskan lah hamba ya Allah dengan nilai yang baik. Gue pasti lulus! amin! Liburan semester ini panjang dan lama banget menurut gue yep 1 bulan masuk - masuk maret yang semester 2 gue mesti fight banget banget! Yakin vin' lo bisa! ya gue pasti bisa amin!. 

Wish my holiday like this 
Nah liburan ini kan sebulan bingung deh gue mau ngapain selain belajar nyetir sama les toefl, yep gue les toefl merasa semakin oon dalam b.inggris hiks:(. Gue pengen banget liburan tapi gue ga mau liburan yang menghabiskan banyak uang, hedon boleh tapi jangan kelewatan gitu, duh gimana ya guys?. Gue punya planning on somethin that need money, jadi gue lagi berhemat untuk memenuhi goal itu! wish me luck!

Di ajakin sama temen ke bandung nginep dua malem, terus diajakin ke solo-jogja naik kereta yang gue excited banget - banget karna gue belum pernah naik kereta. Tapi satu masalah IZIN duh! nyokap susah banget - banget ngasih izin ke gue, kenapa ya? pengen banget jalan - jalan secara kalo di rumah selain bosen pasti gue jadi samsak keluarga, huhu. Gue sebenernya mau banget ke BALI tapi izin sama siapa juga mau sama abang tapi dia lagi sibuk ngurus skripsi, kaka gue kerja hu:(.
Ada ide ga ya kemana gitu 1 bulan gila 30 hari which is 720 jam or 43.200 menit yang artinya gue punya waktu luang 2.592.000 detik. Bah! butuh ide kawan-kawan ya sudahlah ya biarkan-lah diriku dengan kebingunganku~

Saturday, January 4, 2014

My Mini Haul

Haul kali ini tentang skin care, gue termasuk orang yang suka banget sama skin care mulai dari buat muka sampe buat kuku deh wkwk. Mulai suka ngerawat diri itu semenjak sma awalnya beli karena idola gue yaitu SHINee jadi brand ambassador buat etude house, ya nama-nya juga fans sejati ya gue mulai beli lah lip balm-nya, compact powder, bb cream yang shinee collection omg! hehe tapi ga nyesel kok wajar kan gue suka yang kaya gini secara gue ini perempuan hehe. So let's take a look!

(Left to Right) Wonder Pore 500ml, Face Mask The Face Shop, Moistfull collagen lotion, Nyx Lip cream antwerp, Moistfull collagen essence, Moistfull collagen cream.

So yep gue baru aja beli Wonder Pore yang 500ml, kenapa 500ml? karena ini gue suka banget hehe fungsinya yang sebagai toner membasmi 7kejahatan di muka kita like wonder woman. Terus gue baru aja beli face mask di the face shop actually sit my mom yang beli xixi lagi promo buy 6 get 1. Moistfull collagen line yang gue beli itu lotion, essence dan cream. Satu lagi ini alat make up sebenernya lip cream Nyx gue suka banged same lip cream nyx the best from the best.

And this month gue lagi pengen banget punya etude house Xoxo minnie collection list deh lucu-lucu banget, yang paling gue pengen beli itu lipstick-nya. Selain itu ada be my princess collection mist gitu yang edisi SHINee limited banget. Hopefully gue bisa beli ya yang onew sama key lucu banget kan ya?! 

Etude House xoxo minnie collection, buat yang suka sama minnie wajib banget punya 
(Left to Right) Jonghyun, Minho, Taemin, Onew dan Key.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Things i'm in love this month!

Bulan ini banyak banget yang gue suka, mulai dari drama baru yang jadi pengganti kehilangan gue akan drama the heirs, jadi bulan ini suka banget sama hal-hal i'm going to tell you!

1. My new running shoes
I've been really wanted to have a new running shoes, dan akhirnya tercapai juga beli-nya. Pilihan pas lagi jalan - jalan di margocity gue kaya window shopping, taunya jadi suka sama nike flex 2013 in peach tapi sedihnya ga ada ukuran kaki gue bisa sih gue paksa pake 38 tapi kata nyokap nanti jadi ga enak dipakenya. So gue kasih no hp gue ke mas-nya terus gue bilang kalo ada ukuran kaki gue (baca:39) please call me, 2 days later bener deh gue di kabarin terus gue bilang deal. hehe so let's take a look my new baby:)
Yay! Nikeflex2013 Love the color
2. My new currently in love K-Drama 
OMG! setelah the heirs selesai dengan ending-nya yang super duper jelek abis, kasian my poor baby young-do ga dapat eun sang, akhirnya ada pengganti drama yaitu "You who came from another star dan Prime Minister & I". Nanti gue akan buat review tersendiri untuk drama - drama ini. 

Prime Minister & I (My favorite Yoona!!)

Love Kim Soo-hyun's character 
3. My Lovely Husband
Allright i know they are human, so let me introduce you to Kim woo bin, Kris Exo. Dua orang ini sangat amat mengganggu pikiran gue wkwk, woo bin oppa kalian tau lah yang sering gue bicarakan di blog ini semenjak school 2013. Jatuh cinta tambah dalam karena perannya di the heirs, suka banget sama karakter villain young do yang sebenernya baik hati tapi dengan caranya sendiri, my type banget. Kalo kris sebenernya di exo gue paling suka sama baekhyun tapi semenjak liat exo showtime cinta dateng gitu aja, dia cool and weird super weird love that weirdness. 

Kris Exo Uber cute!

Woo bin oppa! Perfect!
Untuk saat ini sih ini aja, hopefully nanti gue akan update lagi ya secara bulan ini kan baru dimulai. Btw senin depan gue akan masuk ke rutinitas yang biasa hmm, kind of hate it but miss it too. Hate it because i'm far away from home but miss it because i'm bored at my home. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Review : Magic Tint Balm

Hi guys i wanna share my favorite lip balm or tint balm, because not only to moisture your lips. This give you slight color, i think that's why etude named it Tint Balm. Well i love the packaging but it kind a cheap because it'll fade away *sigh. Anyway this tint balm is my favorite to go before i fall in love with lipstick and lip tint. This is my number one item when i was in high school, because i think if i use lipstick or lip tint it'll make me like an ajumma (middle age woman).  I'm not so girly when i was in high school you know. Well let's take a look!

I got number 1 Magic Red!

Hangul in the back! I do not understand -,-

Well etude says that you'll love this magic tint balm because It gives you finish touch for natural look,  balm textured lip tint supplies moisture and natural color to lips. I must say that etude not lying because this balm really moisturise your lips. I assume that natural color is just a slight red, it will not show if you have dark lips.


Overall : I love this magic tint balm because it moisturise my lips, i can use this on top of my matte lipstick. Just one the cons it's in the jar some people may find it disturbing or unhygienic. I'll give this three onew victory! until we meet again fellas~

Rating :