Monday, August 18, 2014

Jelly Jello Tint Meet Gloss in #2 Review!

hi! today i'm gonna review one of the face shop products which is enamel jelly tint from the line lovely me:ex! Well i got this from my local the face shop its in Margocity depok. I forgot how much this tint cost, because i was shopping with my mama haha. It does matter when you go shopping with your parents. I'm really not a gloss type person when it comes to lips and at that time i'm not even read what i was pick. So let's just see this tint gloss!

Description :
  1. Best combination of tint and lip gloss:  By combining the natural glow of tint and glossy effect of lip gloss, it gives volume and liveliness to your lips.
  2. Jelly-like texture & upgraded coloring: With its transparent jelly-like texture, thick and smooth application makes your lips young and lively
  3. Moisturizing lip care:  'Moisture Keeping Agent' prevents the moisture evaporation, making dewy and glossy lips

It's come with a clear bottle so you can see how much the products, the applicator is very unique because its from plastic and clear. The texture is very jelly like its name and super sticky *oh gosh i hate it*. I hate how glossy my lips if i use this, but if you like a glossy lips then this really suits you. I feel like i eat oil if i use this. And the colour is not even showing guys. So for me is a big NO!

Overall rating
I give 4 big no because it's my mistake that stupidly pick anything without read it first. I swear i won't do that again. *lesson learned*

4 big No!