Thursday, July 31, 2014

Review! Benton BHA skin toner and Aloe Propolis Soothing Gel.

Have you heard about Benton? if you haven't well its basically a Korean cosmetic brand not so famous internationally but really hype in Korean beauty blogger. Their famous product if i'm not mistaken is the snail bee serums. But today i'll review their Aloe line. My daily skin care routine is cleansing, toner, serum, cream, sleeping pack. I buy this toner because i run out my usual toner which is etude house wonder pore. Benton claim this toner is fit for all skin type. My skin is combination (dry and oily in T-zone). I have use this toner for 3 weeks i guess and i feel good. You know that i have suffered in blemish and redness around my cheek and forehead, i really hate it. then i found out that i'm allergic to moist full collagen from etude. But with using only this toner its gave me a massive effect. My redness is completely gone. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Review! Etude House Minnie XOXO Kissing Lips #2 Bubble Pink

Hi! lebaran day 2 and i already feel so bored, so i'm gonna do review this lipstick i bought because of its cute packaging. I never been a fan of minnie but i love disney. I bought it 90k in rupiah around 8$. This lipstick is part of collaboration between etude and Minnie Disney so it's a limited edition. Etude provide two colour #1 in Minnie Red and #2 in Bubble Pink since i don't have pink so i choose #2. These are the promotional picture.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lebaran Day~

Happy Eid al-Fitr everyone! Mohon maaf lahir batin. 

The sad part i didn't join sholat Ied this year. The fact that this is the first time i'm using hijab on Idul Fitri give me some chill hehe. Okay like my usual routine on Idul Fitri is sungkeman ( Indonesian tradition of paying respect to one's parents or older family member). After sungkeman in my house, i go to my grandma house (which in front of my house) because of my grandma is like the oldest person in my neighbourhood she held the open house for everyone. So full of my siblings and people around my neighbourhood. This year i just felt empty and i don't know why haha. But i'm still happy'
and my family taking selfie all the time. pfft.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

August Wishlist!

I know okay, it's not August yet but i really want to share my wish list :) actually it's almost about cosmetic and skincare. i need to save money really hard you know' btw here's the list!

1) My top priority is i really need a sunblock but i also need a good moisturiser for my daily activity, since Jakarta is really hot, I MEAN superb hot! especially in my campus (sigh). So I decided to buy (next month i wish) IOPE air cushion, the review is really good. I'm fan of Liah Yoo one of beauty blogger in youtube and she gave me some kind of inspiration haha. Btw this cushion is really hype because cheon song yi AKA jeon ji hyun from the drama my love from another star use this. But the thing is this cushion is really expensive for me AKA students. Its cost 400k in ruphias or about 38$. But let see if i really buy it or not hihi. 
The one and only jeon ji hyun

Monday, July 21, 2014

Park Seo Joon - Come into my heart!

loving this song from Witch's romance soundtrack, really really love his voice. Superb manly and i don't know perhaps because of the drama too and of course he is really handsome wkwk. Btw this drama mainly focus on a Lady falling in love with a younger man, there's 17 year old gap :) 
I love the chemistry between park seo joon and uhm jung hwa so lovely, and a little bit cheesy. But i'm kinda dissapointed with the ending, not like i imagine fyuh:( and because the drama is over, i'm kinda miss this couple. And this song stuck on my mind. 

Next i got breakouts on my face i don't know if its hormonal or because of some special skin care that i used:( still finding what best for my face. I have spent like over 1 million for skin care, i'm a skin care junkie #ugh how am i supposed to do? Btw it's all clear now, yay I've found out that i'm allergic with some skincare huff.

So Here it is Park seo joon!

I'm just in love with him!

Review! 3CE lipstick #405 #408 #505 by Stylenanda

hello! Like you already know last month i buy these lipstick. so today i'm gonna review it. Have you heard about stylenanda? if you haven't well basically it's a Korean biggest online shop and recently they open their first offline shop in Korea, Its famous because of their ambassador which is Sora park. Many bloggers wear their stuff like clothes and now they have their own makeup line. Its called 3ce ( 3concept eyes). Like many others makeup line they sell lipstick,lip pigment (this is so interesting), lip gloss, foundation and many more. I've been eyeing their lip pigment and lip lacquer but it's very hard to get in my country huff. Well you can visit their web for better info : stylenanda .

So into the lipstick there are so many colours!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

JUNE Haul!

yep udah Juli aja sekarang, Happy Ramadhan semua!

So i've got a lot of new things especially in Beauty hihi my motto this year " I'm going to get prettier" , I don't know why but i feel super duper uglyzzzzz. Let's skip this part makin me feel sad #uhuk. let's check it out!

(Left to Right) Stradivarius wallet, Benton BHA toner, Benton Propolis soothing gel, SecretKey Mist, SecretKey Essence, VS Amber Romance, VS Love is Heavenly, Baby Cream, 3CE Lipstick, Etude House Minnie Lipstick, Lipgloss from The Face Shop, Baby Lips Maybeline, Mizon BB Cream, Ciracle Red Spot Cream, Mizon All in One Repairing Cream, Secret Deodorant.