Thursday, July 24, 2014

August Wishlist!

I know okay, it's not August yet but i really want to share my wish list :) actually it's almost about cosmetic and skincare. i need to save money really hard you know' btw here's the list!

1) My top priority is i really need a sunblock but i also need a good moisturiser for my daily activity, since Jakarta is really hot, I MEAN superb hot! especially in my campus (sigh). So I decided to buy (next month i wish) IOPE air cushion, the review is really good. I'm fan of Liah Yoo one of beauty blogger in youtube and she gave me some kind of inspiration haha. Btw this cushion is really hype because cheon song yi AKA jeon ji hyun from the drama my love from another star use this. But the thing is this cushion is really expensive for me AKA students. Its cost 400k in ruphias or about 38$. But let see if i really buy it or not hihi. 
The one and only jeon ji hyun

the promotional picture
2) next this is also prior, i need makeup remover but i kinda didn't really like my usual makeup remover which is maybelline, so I think i need to try cleansing oil. Actually i never really remove my makeup since I only use bb cream but then I realise that its not enough with cleansing foam. It can give you breakouts (perhaps you already knew) thankfully it didn't give me breakout (fyuh). So this is  really must have item!

3) One is never enough! okay that's my motto for lipstick and their kinda friend. I'm such a lippie junkie! and I also love packaging, I think I already have so many lipstick, lip tint, lip gloss, lip balm. but its just not enough. I need this hihi :)

No need to say this peripera lip marker is so cute!

Rosy tint from Etude House
I think i wanna buy shade no.8
4) Yay i have been eyeing this things since i was high school ( am i too exaggerated><) but i didn't buy because i think i don't need this, yep powder i'm so not powdery person. I didn't use any powder after my bb cream. I only use it for big occasion such prom night. I only have one pact powder which is etude shinee collection, well of course i buy because shinee use that haha. Big fan of shinee. Well back to the problem i think i might need this (or my sis said i should buy it). Its no sebum mineral pact from innisfree, I heard so manny good review in this.

5) Perfume I'm kinda bored with my signature scent which is VS love is heavenly, i'm kinda want these two babies but they're both so quite pricey. Verawang princess is my favourite because its smells so yum! and for MJ daisy it feels like so clean and neat scent, reminds me the feeling of using D&G light blue.

Okay that's all i hope i can make it. Wish me luck!