Monday, July 21, 2014

Review! 3CE lipstick #405 #408 #505 by Stylenanda

hello! Like you already know last month i buy these lipstick. so today i'm gonna review it. Have you heard about stylenanda? if you haven't well basically it's a Korean biggest online shop and recently they open their first offline shop in Korea, Its famous because of their ambassador which is Sora park. Many bloggers wear their stuff like clothes and now they have their own makeup line. Its called 3ce ( 3concept eyes). Like many others makeup line they sell lipstick,lip pigment (this is so interesting), lip gloss, foundation and many more. I've been eyeing their lip pigment and lip lacquer but it's very hard to get in my country huff. Well you can visit their web for better info : stylenanda .

So into the lipstick there are so many colours!!

so i have 3 colour which are #405 (glass pink), #408 (Chu Chu), #505 (glass coral)
these are the advertisement with park sora, superb cute right!

It's come in box which have super stylish design! and I like how this lipstick case in black colour! 

Black so simple!

Here's my swatch! 

I'm sorry for the low quality

I've always wear neutral colour as my daily use (read: for going out only), i love beige and peachy colour so my favourite is glass coral! hehe. But my mom really like chu-chu. Since my lips colour is red so its fit perfectly with cha-cha and for glass pink i have to use concealer first so the colour will turns great. Staying power is so-so, and the texture is very very creamy and it doesn't drying my lips, Next i'll buy the lip lacquers:))