Monday, July 21, 2014

Park Seo Joon - Come into my heart!

loving this song from Witch's romance soundtrack, really really love his voice. Superb manly and i don't know perhaps because of the drama too and of course he is really handsome wkwk. Btw this drama mainly focus on a Lady falling in love with a younger man, there's 17 year old gap :) 
I love the chemistry between park seo joon and uhm jung hwa so lovely, and a little bit cheesy. But i'm kinda dissapointed with the ending, not like i imagine fyuh:( and because the drama is over, i'm kinda miss this couple. And this song stuck on my mind. 

Next i got breakouts on my face i don't know if its hormonal or because of some special skin care that i used:( still finding what best for my face. I have spent like over 1 million for skin care, i'm a skin care junkie #ugh how am i supposed to do? Btw it's all clear now, yay I've found out that i'm allergic with some skincare huff.

So Here it is Park seo joon!

I'm just in love with him!