Saturday, February 14, 2015

Review: Aritaum Style Pop Pudding Tint #4!

Hi 2015 hihi, new look in my new blog i change my blog's name. I change it because so many reason,  well like i just wanna new thing in this year, and others reason that i can't tell. I get so many good news, like I got chosen as a member in BEM yay! I have fulfil my resolution in becoming more independent, evidence that i used train and ojek as my public transportation, i used busway too, and i go home all by my self from campus to my dorm and my home. yay! its a good start right?

So i wanna share what i bought last year, I've been raving this for month and i get it finally. This is a tint from Aritaum, i've been wondering this tint has a same theme like Benefit Lollitint but i don't have it since too expensive. I wonder since i used Honey melting tint which i really adore btw you can check the review here, i get more interested on Aritaum's product and it's hurts my pocket.

Product Description :

credits: IBuybeauti
Colours Available :

As you can see its just slight colour of fuchsia even tough i already used lip concealer. I expect the colour to be more bold as the Ad show. It also drying my lips but it also because i'm sick i suspect. 

Sorry i took the picture in the middle of night in my rooms. 

  • the packaging is adorable, love the colour. 
  • the applicator brush i like it
  • cheap
  • it has fragrance  
  • packaging from glass, careful because my friends broke hers.
  • doesn't last long
  • for lollipop the colours doesn't really show up
  • have to buy online 

Final thought:

I like this product even tough it has so many cons, i love the fragrance. I'm sad that the colour doesn't show up in my lips, its very disappointing. perhaps i expect to much from this.