Monday, February 9, 2015

#Vina's Story Time : Laziness

Hi people, it's already February! favorite months why? its my birthday coming soon! well i just wanna tell that i got accepted in BEM its kind an organisation in my college. Its surprisingly very fun to do and at the same time really annoying. To tell you the truth i have so much beauty products to review but i'm so lazy to take the picture of it and swatch it, pfft. I got my holiday until March 7th, and i only have 2 important occasion which AMSEP and work out, yeah work out. I'm gonna review the Aritaum Style Pop Pudding Tint yay! hopefully i'm not lazy.  This is my wishlist!

1. New camera! this is nx300m from samsung, and i really really love this camera i've been raving this camera for a months i can't stop talking about it with my sis, hopefully i'll get this camera this year amin!

credit: Samsung

2. Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer, yup a primer i never used primer before so i really want to try this, and i heard a good review about this baby skin primer:)

credits: Maybelline

3.  Etude House Give Me Chocolate! yay this is cute and i need it have to buy it! perhaps i get the cherry truffle or salted caramel! yumm :))

credits: Etude House

4. Good Brushes! Real tech core collection for a new makeup beginner this is important right? Good Brushes!! 

credits: Realtechnique

5. Last is Innisfree Real Fluid Rouge, i've been raving the insider creamy tint mousse but it turns out that innisfree just launch a new product, gorgeous colors! i want Yoona's color #5 love it! so pretty:)

credits: Innisfree