Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Lost in the dessert

Duh! i've been gone for couple months, surprisingly i'm busy with my kind of school's work and an organisation's work. Now i'm in my christmas and new year holiday yay! i've got two weeks holiday which i'm sure i won't go anywhere a.k.a holiday spent at home as usual. It's not that i don't have place i wanna go or things i wanna do it's just i can't leave my home i just can't. It's just unbelievably mystery for me that i always miss my home when i go to the mall or anywhere, except my parents there. So i got a camera which i believe to provide a good picture for this blog but i kinda lazy to take a good swatch or anything. I just don't have energy. 
I just wanna tell that i've been really like using an organic product, now i've been using SUKIN's skincare and  goodness chia seed oil  and trilogy's rosehip oil I also buy iope bio essence intensive serum. Sukin, goodness and trilogy are an organic brand from New Zealand. Well that's all from my newest interest of skincare, i'll review them perhaps next year. This week review will be about my new lip products from ofra which is the famous Miami Fever by Katheleenlights. Thats all stay tune for more updates haha

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Review: Aritaum Honey Melting tint

Hi everyone just a few weeks before my semester begin, I just wanna share another shade from Aritaum Honey melting tint. This is lip balm tint is always in my personal pouch. This lip balm/tint cost 8000 won or around $7. I got shade Strawberry Chips, Bitter rose and Raspberry cake (review here)

Happy September!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Review: Etude House Sugar Tint Balm

I've been promising to review this sweet hearts. Now with almost a month delayed here it's Etude house used to be new collection "Sugar Tint Balm". This sugar tint balm cost 8000 won or around $7 which is pretty cheap for a lip balm. I got shade #7 which is grape jam.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

My Skin Care Routine Day to Night

Hi guys you know what? My wisdom teeth is growing and it's so uncomfortable I was like omg! do i just entered the adulthood? i just don't wanna believe it, okay i exaggerating too much. But the good news is I have already finish my short term semester i feel slightly free Yay! And now i wanna share my skin care routine up until now, I'm not really strict toward skincare, sometimes i even forget to use my cream #lol. well let's take a look. 

yellow: day
purple : night

1. Etude House Every Month Cleansing Foam #Apple&Tomato
when i woke up i always cleansing my face using light facial foam to prevent skincare overuse, I don't really like my skin feel tight after cleansing especially in the morning, this cleansing foam really has a good smells and it's perfect to make my morning really fresh. 

2. Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum
I've been using this quite long, after finish my secret key serum i feel like my skin really in good condition nowadays. This serum is very light and watery but absorb really well. It also has green tea smell which is good and relaxing. 

3. Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Toner
I don't really use this toner in the day time because of laziness but in the night i use this, well i don't really sure if this toner really work. But it has a good smell.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Combination Watery Cream Review

In a previous post, I have already reviewed Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Cream. You can read the review here, in that review i said that i love my nature republic super aqua max combination watery cream more. So now I'll review my best cream ever. Let's take a look. 

This cream is a part of Nature Republic Aqua line. This line have essence, toner, emulsion, cream and facial mist. It's also divided by the skin type like moisture for dry skin, combination, and fresh for the oily skin. The concept almost the same like Innisfree. It cost 12,500 won or about $10.88.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

My Top 5 SHINee Song!

I got really hard time writing this post, it's so hard to choose only 5 song from SHINee. I mean every song is good and i love every song from them. This list is random. It's so hard to pick the most favorite of SHINee's song. But well I've already pick these song which i hope i don't regret it afterward.

1. Love Sick

Hey this song is from their 4th album, it comes with the title track which is "View". I can never be bored of this song, they used the same choreography from their debut song. I love the part when everyone sing "got me sick, i'm sick i'm so good" this lyric is really me i'm sick because of them but i feel good. haha

2. The Named I Loved feat. Kim Yeon Woo

This is from their 3rd mini album, this song is so yummy it both sad and romantic. This song sung by onew feat his kind teacher kim yeon woo. This is a must watch for MVP (onew fans club).

3. Kiss Kiss Kiss

This is from their japan activities, i like it a lot this song. I mean everytime someone play i'll sing even the Minho's rap part. Truth i don't really like they're in japan so little videos for me to fangirling them. But everything the best for SHINee!

4. An Encore

You know this song is really beautiful, this song its like shawol and shinee story. It may seems that the lyrics is very sad but if you try to understand the lyrics  the meaning behind it is very beautiful.

5. Stand By Me

Well i'm not really fond of this song, but i have to include to my favorite because it's my first SHINee's song, it one of the soundtrack from Boys Before Flower. I remember it in 2009 I was like oh this song really good and here i am from the soundtrack become SHAWOL (shinee's fans club).

Overall as you can see my top favorite is not their title comeback or anything famous. Yah i kinda love their B-side track. That's all thank to SHINee for giving me a joyful memories.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Monthly Wishlist #2

Hi everyone its monthly wish-list again. I supposed to do this wish-list monthly but i forgot to make July's wish-list, then i just skipped it hehe. This week is SHINee Repackage album comeback with Married to the music, everyone please watch the video in here the mv is very halloween like! I've already order the album and i'm here waiting for it like crazy. 

For everyone who doesn't know I'm huge fans of SHINee specially onew! look at my blogger header! just wanna tell that for me SHINee is like part of my life. They have been there from my junior high school until now and my love for them is still growing stronger than ever. My wish for them is to always together forever and ever. Enough with the chit chat now let's take a look my August wish-list.


1. Berrisom Animal Mask Sheet
This is a clever invention! I've always wanted this mask since i saw jackson got7 and sunny SNSD used this sheet in roommate. And you know after that episode aired this sheet become popular and hyped in Korea. Actually for the performance and everything i guess there's no difference between this and others mask sheet. But you know i just can't resist its cuteness!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Review: Etude House Color Lips-fit #PP501

Hi everyone! It's August already time flies and i'm here to review a lip product from etude house, its called color lips-fit. At first i'm not even interested with this line, until i watch makeup review from sydneytoyou she kinda use this lip cream or tint (?) and the color looks super gorgeous. Then i just buy it because hell yeah the one that i want is in the Lock N Summer edition, but thank god its not limited edition so you can still buy it just the packaging is different. 

Product Description :

Credits to owner

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Monthly Wishlist #1

Credits to owner 

Hi guys its been 2 months i'm not blogging i've been really busy lately, with my studies and its hard to keep up my grade :(. well this is the most wanted item in this month. As you can see i've been really interested in photoshop like the picture above is one of my creation despite the bad quality. sorry i just started hehe. 

Credits to owner

1. Aritaum Full concealer 
So recently my friend went to Taiwan to participate in students exchange program and she buy this concealer in SASA, i've got a chance to try it and i really like the texture,  even tough the colour range is limited. Hopefully i can buy it since i've been spending too much lately. 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

April is coming!

hi hello vinn! I'm sorry for not blogging for some quite time. I can't handle this new situation, good news is i got accepted in AMSA yay and nay, haha i've been feeling so tired and LAZY omg! i don't know why like i always feeling lazy, sorry for always hearing the word lazy in my blog. Don't be like me guys, seriously i skipped so many classes in my college huff. i felt sorry for my parents i really do. 
Ok btw i haven't review anything and i haven't take any picture these days. So for this week i think i won't be able to do some review super sorry:(. Actually these day i really wanna learn about photoshop for my blogging picture, and i wanna learn how to take beautiful picture, just admit it my pictures look awful right? (sobbing). 
This month haul probably is all about lips, oh gosh! like every time i bought something there's always a lip product. I can't get enough of lip products and it's killing my wallet. So this month i buy LA splash smitten in enchanted i see many bloggers was amazed by this product and it's making me super curious, also the new indie lip products by Colourpop you should check it! i mean seriously guys this lips is super cute and affordable! go check it. I also buy Korean lip products from Aritaum which is coating tint and Aritaum wannabe cushion tint. Hopefully i can review it next week!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Review: Etude House Ice Tint Balm #PP501

Hi i'm back btw this week is super hectic, I got my job as LO in AMSEP ( Asian Medical Student Exchange Program) and i have to make sure my UMALAYA work plan is done by the end of this week. I have a round trip from my univ to my home which is so far and exhausting. I feel like my head is going to explode, i feel exhausted....

But Lets move on to this lip products from Etude House, Its kind of their summer products, it's limited edition I remember that the launching is around the same month with Aritaum Honey Melting Tint, so here's the review. I can't find the product description on the web, so here's only the colour available.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Review: Aritaum Style Pop Pudding Tint #4!

Hi 2015 hihi, new look in my new blog i change my blog's name. I change it because so many reason,  well like i just wanna new thing in this year, and others reason that i can't tell. I get so many good news, like I got chosen as a member in BEM yay! I have fulfil my resolution in becoming more independent, evidence that i used train and ojek as my public transportation, i used busway too, and i go home all by my self from campus to my dorm and my home. yay! its a good start right?

Friday, February 13, 2015

Throwback! Malysia Trip

hi ding ding ding... since i can't find my camera which is lead to can't take a swatch picture for my aritaum review so i wanna tell you about my trip to Malaysia. So here let's read..

I basically go to Malaysia around August, i got 3 days trip pretty fast right? i had to skip school for one day haha. I forgot to bring my charger hem.. forgot to buy shoes..regret being so lazy to walk around my hotel. 

1st day in Malaysia, arrived in KLIA2 the airport is so big super clean and really cozy! you know what amaze me the wifi connection unbelievable fast, it reach 23.36 Mbps for download and 24.36 Mbps for upload huff i hope my wifi in my dorm like that. After arrived i got to see Toys R Us ugh! so upsetting to know that toys r us isn't available in Jakarta.  In there i buy toys for my nephew he loves Mc queen so much. The airport is amazing super big super tired to walk pfft. Then i took a train to KL Sentral only 35 minutes cost 35RM around Rp. 125.000. 

Me and My sis using Airasia hehe

Monday, February 9, 2015

#Vina's Story Time : Laziness

Hi people, it's already February! favorite months why? its my birthday coming soon! well i just wanna tell that i got accepted in BEM its kind an organisation in my college. Its surprisingly very fun to do and at the same time really annoying. To tell you the truth i have so much beauty products to review but i'm so lazy to take the picture of it and swatch it, pfft. I got my holiday until March 7th, and i only have 2 important occasion which AMSEP and work out, yeah work out. I'm gonna review the Aritaum Style Pop Pudding Tint yay! hopefully i'm not lazy.  This is my wishlist!

1. New camera! this is nx300m from samsung, and i really really love this camera i've been raving this camera for a months i can't stop talking about it with my sis, hopefully i'll get this camera this year amin!

credit: Samsung