Sunday, August 9, 2015

My Top 5 SHINee Song!

I got really hard time writing this post, it's so hard to choose only 5 song from SHINee. I mean every song is good and i love every song from them. This list is random. It's so hard to pick the most favorite of SHINee's song. But well I've already pick these song which i hope i don't regret it afterward.

1. Love Sick

Hey this song is from their 4th album, it comes with the title track which is "View". I can never be bored of this song, they used the same choreography from their debut song. I love the part when everyone sing "got me sick, i'm sick i'm so good" this lyric is really me i'm sick because of them but i feel good. haha

2. The Named I Loved feat. Kim Yeon Woo

This is from their 3rd mini album, this song is so yummy it both sad and romantic. This song sung by onew feat his kind teacher kim yeon woo. This is a must watch for MVP (onew fans club).

3. Kiss Kiss Kiss

This is from their japan activities, i like it a lot this song. I mean everytime someone play i'll sing even the Minho's rap part. Truth i don't really like they're in japan so little videos for me to fangirling them. But everything the best for SHINee!

4. An Encore

You know this song is really beautiful, this song its like shawol and shinee story. It may seems that the lyrics is very sad but if you try to understand the lyrics  the meaning behind it is very beautiful.

5. Stand By Me

Well i'm not really fond of this song, but i have to include to my favorite because it's my first SHINee's song, it one of the soundtrack from Boys Before Flower. I remember it in 2009 I was like oh this song really good and here i am from the soundtrack become SHAWOL (shinee's fans club).

Overall as you can see my top favorite is not their title comeback or anything famous. Yah i kinda love their B-side track. That's all thank to SHINee for giving me a joyful memories.