Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Review: Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Cream

Hi everyone! counting down to new year! well i've been really lazy to update my blog even tough i'm on my holiday ㅋㅋㅋ.  so i run out my benton aloe gel which i already review and i decided to try this Innisfree green tea line, so i basically have their cream, skin(toner) and the green tea seed serum! I spent so much on this Innisfree huff... 

This is part of my December haul actually which i haven't post it yet since i'm super busy hanging around with my friend hihi. 

Innisfree has released new variations of their bestseller line which is green tea as part of their 2014 upgrade, they have 3 variants like fresh for the oily, balancing for combination, and last moisture for dry one. Well i pick up the balancing because i have combination skin which is oily in the T-zone. You can also mix it like i read from some blog she use fresh cream but the rest is combination. I think Innisfree really smart for dividing this line based on everyone skin type. Good Job!

You know what i love from innisfree beside Yoona is their logo and their green eco stuff, they really commit about it from advertising and their packaging is very eco like, I also enjoy their instagram feed! Love it you should check it! @innisfreeofficial 

Product description :
This moisture cream is formulated with pure moisture from our freshly squeezed green tea to retain long last dewiness. 
Directions: Apply an appropriate amount onto thoroughly cleansed face and neck then gently smooth for better absorption. 
[Usage order] Serum > Skin > Lotion > Cream 

Product characteristic: 
  • Major ingredients include Green tea extract (69.5%), Shea butter, Betaine, Cactus extract, Orchid extract, Camellia extract, Orange extract, Grapefruit extract, Vergamot extract, Tangerine, Cacao seed butter 
  • The Jeju green tea extract that is rich in amino acids and minerals will provide abundant moisture to the skin
  • Whipped cream texture allows for quick absorption 
  • Cacao butter extract creates a protective shield to ensure longer moisture retention for glowing skin 
  • 5 Free System: free of paraben, diaoxine, artificial colours, mineral oil, animality  
credits: koreadepart 

Ingredients list 

The ingredients is quite long, but there are like 5 ingredients that can trigger acne, but the 7 top ingredients is quite friendly for skin, and for me fortunately i don't have problem with this cream, this cream feels moisture enough for me. 

You can check the full ingredient list in here :

  • Smells good! I like the green tea smells perhaps for some people it can be cons.
  • Moisturising
  • utiful eco packaging love the green colour.
  • Only available online in Indonesia.
  • Greasy Feeling
  • Smells for some people.
  • Its have dewy look, not matte in case for people who don't like dewy look.
  • No Spatula, unhygienic for some people.

Overall i like this product but i admit that i love my super aqua combination cream from nature republic more, but I recommend this for people that have dry skin, and for people who love dewy look. Well until we meet again. see you in 2015!