Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Work with community, Together we develop! - ComDev Usakti-

hello there! I've been really busy this month, and couldn't update my blog. sadly! well too much activities yay and nay! i do feel tired but i feel happy! so i've been busy with this organisation from my campus that's call ComDev stands for Community Development. Well like the name ComDev is all about making a better change to a community, because my major is medical, we try to develop a better health in this community. Recently we held our main event which is charity (free check up and free medicine)! its held in some kind area near my campus. We have 100 coupons for people who need it, but then it become more than we expected it almost reach more than 150 people! 
It was such a tired day! my part was become an doctor assistant (doing anamnesis and writing recipe), but i had to handle the pharmacy(reading recipe and making it) too! wow great experience! I practice what I learned in school, and it was amazing. It feels different when you face your patient from different age, I saw case that i never been imagined. I saw a grandpa with a neurodermatitis, its a skin disease caused by anxiety or stress, it feels itch and the pattern is same like if you itch in your left thumb your right thumb will feel it too. Overall i'm glad that i have part of this activity!!

The Receptionist Team