Friday, September 19, 2014

Review : Innisfree Canola Honey Lip Balm Stick

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Hi I'm back with a new review from my last haul yay. You know i live in Jakarta basically a super hot place and a city full of vehicle. But still i love it here. Because the weather is getting hotter, my lips tends to dry and i hate chapped lips so do you right?. Its looks unhealthy and if i use tint or lipstick it will look very bad and ugly. That's why we need lip balm so much!!! like much! and i found my hg lip balm which is Innisfree canola honey lip balm! lets take a look!

What i love about Innisfree is how they use recycled paper in their products box, they also use a soy ink. I also love how Innisfree always use natural ingredients. Like almost all Korean brand there's no description in english. 

Description : Formulated with Jeju canola honey extract, to creates smooth lips by providing plentiful moisture and nutrition. (
A lip balm that moisture your dry chapped lips to create smooth honey?. (Innisfree

I don't get it what innisfree say haha i think that it will make your lips smooth like honey perhaps? I think this lip balm really moisture my lips and the effect is not short acting, i mean after using this about a week my lips looks more healthy. But sorry i don't take the before after photo *so sorry. Instead of my lips I use my friends lips, her lips is in unhealthy condition. So you can see the result. 

Thanks to devi!
Pros : 
- moisture lips really well
- taste like honey 
- affordable 
- not glossy type /my preference/
- stick type really hygienic  

Cons :
- smells like honey but i don't find it yumm or good :(
- have to purchase online :(

Rating :

Thats it until we meet again, lovely strangers!