Monday, August 3, 2015

Review: Etude House Color Lips-fit #PP501

Hi everyone! It's August already time flies and i'm here to review a lip product from etude house, its called color lips-fit. At first i'm not even interested with this line, until i watch makeup review from sydneytoyou she kinda use this lip cream or tint (?) and the color looks super gorgeous. Then i just buy it because hell yeah the one that i want is in the Lock N Summer edition, but thank god its not limited edition so you can still buy it just the packaging is different. 

Product Description :

Credits to owner

Colour Available : 

Actually there's plenty of color to choose from the colors lip fit but this is only the color from lock'n summer collection. Since its summer so i only show these. 

Credits to owner
How To Use :
Credits to owner

Swatch :

blurry because i took it in my room

okay please ignore my big hand i think the color is really pretty, i think the color is plum fuchsia? its look like my ice tint balm but more dark. I really like this kinda of color, i'm sorry guys i'm very bad to describe color. So its better for me to use pantone color, I look up in google and i conclude the color is pantone 220. 

  • Pigmented
  • Cheap
  • Cute Packaging
  • Smells chemical don't even like it

Final Thought 

Since the color is so me! i really like it. I use it everywhere but sometimes i use it to much and my lips is super bright, and the only thing that i didn't like it is drying! ugh chapped lips here chapped lip there. that's all!