Saturday, June 27, 2015

Monthly Wishlist #1

Credits to owner 

Hi guys its been 2 months i'm not blogging i've been really busy lately, with my studies and its hard to keep up my grade :(. well this is the most wanted item in this month. As you can see i've been really interested in photoshop like the picture above is one of my creation despite the bad quality. sorry i just started hehe. 

Credits to owner

1. Aritaum Full concealer 
So recently my friend went to Taiwan to participate in students exchange program and she buy this concealer in SASA, i've got a chance to try it and i really like the texture,  even tough the colour range is limited. Hopefully i can buy it since i've been spending too much lately. 

2. Innisfree Real Fluid Rouge
well this is a shame i already buy so many lipstick and now i'm in fasting mode, huff i wish i buy this and not buy the la splash lip cream. I really like the colours no.5 and i don't have any lipgloss so this is a must buy vinn.

3. Innisfree Green tea mint fresh shampoo
well i've been having problem with my scalp, and i heard a good review from this. So i'm really curious about this shampoo.

4. SHINee's Hand Cream Set from The Saem
OMG! this is super cute, this is a must item for shawols like me. Actually i already buy it and i'm still waiting the package to arrived. It cost almost $30 and in Korea it cost 25000won.

5. The Balm Nude Tude Palette
I think everyone already knew this palette doing a good job, still the price is expensive for a college girl like me hell.