Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Review: Aritaum Honey Melting tint

Hi everyone just a few weeks before my semester begin, I just wanna share another shade from Aritaum Honey melting tint. This is lip balm tint is always in my personal pouch. This lip balm/tint cost 8000 won or around $7. I got shade Strawberry Chips, Bitter rose and Raspberry cake (review here)

Product Description
Lip Balm + Tint!
Plenty Honey Formula included
– Honey Melting Formula melting in lips
Honey ingredients melts in lips like a lip balm.
– Bouncy Collagen Barrier formed on lips to prevent smudging
Collagen wraps lips as preventing smudging around edge of lips.
– Natural Tint gives long-lasting pigmentation
Natural floral ingredients are used for making pigmentaion, which is for making long-lasting vivid lips. (credits:Ibuybeauti)

Colour Available: 

The packaging is very simple the cap color represent the shade,  i really like their shade name is on the back of the cap. It's very cute. I read in some review that the cap can be very loose, but for me i don't have that kind of problem.

1st Bitter Rose, 2nd Normal, 3rd Strawberry Chips

Bitter rose has a beige neutral color, this color is a bit mature but in elegant way. It is very neutral so i use this a lot, this like my go to college lip. Strawberry chip is girly pink color which is used when i go to shopping or just cafe hopping with my friends. The color it self very pigmented and build-able. The staying power isn't great but it doesn't bad either. Beside that this lip balm tint have a scent i personally didn't really like it but my friend said that the bitter rose one smells heavenly.


  • pigmented
  • cute packaging
  • affordable
  • moisturising 
  • this product has scent
  • staying power so-so
  • have to buy online

Final Thought:
I really recommend this product because its cheap it has so many color, the color itself very build-able. This definitely a go to lip product guys! college girl must have item!