Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Lost in the dessert

Duh! i've been gone for couple months, surprisingly i'm busy with my kind of school's work and an organisation's work. Now i'm in my christmas and new year holiday yay! i've got two weeks holiday which i'm sure i won't go anywhere a.k.a holiday spent at home as usual. It's not that i don't have place i wanna go or things i wanna do it's just i can't leave my home i just can't. It's just unbelievably mystery for me that i always miss my home when i go to the mall or anywhere, except my parents there. So i got a camera which i believe to provide a good picture for this blog but i kinda lazy to take a good swatch or anything. I just don't have energy. 
I just wanna tell that i've been really like using an organic product, now i've been using SUKIN's skincare and  goodness chia seed oil  and trilogy's rosehip oil I also buy iope bio essence intensive serum. Sukin, goodness and trilogy are an organic brand from New Zealand. Well that's all from my newest interest of skincare, i'll review them perhaps next year. This week review will be about my new lip products from ofra which is the famous Miami Fever by Katheleenlights. Thats all stay tune for more updates haha