Saturday, April 16, 2016

Fine on the outside'

okay guys i know it's been long time since i update. First of all sorry for not doing what i suppose to do, which is review of Ofra Miami Fever. Truth i really wanna do swatch my kathleen lips miami fever but it's gone like i don't know where i put it. Like hell i've been searching it for months but still no clue. It's like one of the best liquid lipstick for my lips like hell yes it match with both of my personality and lips. 
Then i have to face it the truth of finishing my thesis. I've been stressing over my thesis work like i've been rejected by my prof because my title was too mainstream. Like everything around me evolved so fast and i've been left behind. Now i have to work on my thesis like i'm so confused i don't even get it about how to do sampling and so on. I just wanna go back to when i was child. Like twenty one pilots stressed out song is the truth! I'm happy you know, i feel like future seems closer but then it get scarier. 
Then i have a personal issue in my house feeling like my parents so old and i'm sad about it. What have i done until now? I regret not travel around with my best friend, I feel like disappointed with everything. I think i haven't do much things in my college year. I never enjoy the moment and i regret it. When my friend around i feel lonely, like i missed being loved. Is it just me? or anyone feel it too. 
Well that's it. here it is the soundtrack for my feeling right now. Btw this like the soundtrack for "when marine was there". it's such a good anime its from ghibli. Recommend it !