Friday, February 13, 2015

Throwback! Malysia Trip

hi ding ding ding... since i can't find my camera which is lead to can't take a swatch picture for my aritaum review so i wanna tell you about my trip to Malaysia. So here let's read..

I basically go to Malaysia around August, i got 3 days trip pretty fast right? i had to skip school for one day haha. I forgot to bring my charger hem.. forgot to buy shoes..regret being so lazy to walk around my hotel. 

1st day in Malaysia, arrived in KLIA2 the airport is so big super clean and really cozy! you know what amaze me the wifi connection unbelievable fast, it reach 23.36 Mbps for download and 24.36 Mbps for upload huff i hope my wifi in my dorm like that. After arrived i got to see Toys R Us ugh! so upsetting to know that toys r us isn't available in Jakarta.  In there i buy toys for my nephew he loves Mc queen so much. The airport is amazing super big super tired to walk pfft. Then i took a train to KL Sentral only 35 minutes cost 35RM around Rp. 125.000. 

Me and My sis using Airasia hehe

Then arrived in hotel near KL Sentral after resting, Me and my sis go to Batu Caves, i don't go to the caves only the entrance where the huge gold statue standing. It's so beautiful but i'm little scared because so many indians hihi and i don't know why' After that me go to central market but it was raining a lot, we picked the wrong months because Its raining a lot in KL. 

Batu Caves

2nd day in Kl we were shopping like a crazy.... not much to tell actually not crazy because too pricey or its not pricey its just i don't have lots money haha. And we got to see the twin tower and it was raining again.........pfft. You know my sis really want to take a picture full of the tower and you know what? i had to lay in the ground to take that pic....hupf.

Me laying on the ground, My sis in the pic.

3rd day we were visiting Shah Alam , its called Lorong Belakang its like a hallway full of painting or gravity its just perfect spot to take lots of picture, super cool artwork. Its recommended place for youngster (re : anak gaul hihi) 

My sis and Ballons. 

Mia favorite!