Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Review! Etude House Minnie XOXO Kissing Lips #2 Bubble Pink

Hi! lebaran day 2 and i already feel so bored, so i'm gonna do review this lipstick i bought because of its cute packaging. I never been a fan of minnie but i love disney. I bought it 90k in rupiah around 8$. This lipstick is part of collaboration between etude and Minnie Disney so it's a limited edition. Etude provide two colour #1 in Minnie Red and #2 in Bubble Pink since i don't have pink so i choose #2. These are the promotional picture.

Etude House said that this lipstick provides a hydrating colour with a soft shine.

Apply on the centre of the lips then blend.

Here's in the real life.

The packaging really cute right! really love the box that's why i keep it hihi. Minnie is super fabulous! I think that's why Mickey love her haha.

There's hangul at the back of the box and English direction in the left. 

Sorry for the low quality, I only use my iPhone 5s camera.

-cute packaging
-love the texture

-Drying my lips
-its limited edition

I give 4 onew because it's limited edition hihi
I love the pink its soft and not to bold, since i'm not a very bold type. i love the texture its very creamy and not so drying my lips like the dear blooming lips. But i suggest you to wear lip balm before using this. I'm quite satisfied hihi since i buy because of the packaging. Yay Me!