Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Review : Magic Tint Balm

Hi guys i wanna share my favorite lip balm or tint balm, because not only to moisture your lips. This give you slight color, i think that's why etude named it Tint Balm. Well i love the packaging but it kind a cheap because it'll fade away *sigh. Anyway this tint balm is my favorite to go before i fall in love with lipstick and lip tint. This is my number one item when i was in high school, because i think if i use lipstick or lip tint it'll make me like an ajumma (middle age woman).  I'm not so girly when i was in high school you know. Well let's take a look!

I got number 1 Magic Red!

Hangul in the back! I do not understand -,-

Well etude says that you'll love this magic tint balm because It gives you finish touch for natural look,  balm textured lip tint supplies moisture and natural color to lips. I must say that etude not lying because this balm really moisturise your lips. I assume that natural color is just a slight red, it will not show if you have dark lips.


Overall : I love this magic tint balm because it moisturise my lips, i can use this on top of my matte lipstick. Just one the cons it's in the jar some people may find it disturbing or unhygienic. I'll give this three onew victory! until we meet again fellas~

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