Saturday, June 11, 2016

Happy Ramadan!

Hi guys long time no blogging. I'm such a procrastinator, i do have so many things to review but i just don't have the feeling to blog. I don't know i just don't want to, recently i enjoy editing videos more. You can check out my youtube channel Vinot's Life , you know my editing is not great but i'm proud of it. in the past month or week i feel really bored with my routines, i feel like my life is not having any fun and too flat. In the morning i woke up take a shower, getting ready to college, study until 4pm, go home do my homework and do the same thing every week. Stress over the work of my thesis, having a crisis identity and personally sensitive over nothing. Btw lets just cut it out, let's talk about something else which is beauty products! I just bought something form testerkorea and jolse and i will make a haul video or blog post about it. My personal muse this year is cushion i bought too many cushion this yearrr! and not even regret it, will talk about this in the next post. well that's it, not really fun thing to read and what a boring writing right? hahahahhaha