Thursday, May 5, 2016

Financially fine for the future!

well today's topic is about money. why ? because i feel like wanna share my tips or my experience in managing money. I've come to realised that money is kinda important in our life, now that i a college student who live in a rent room i manage all my needs alone. 

My parents give me a fine amount of money monthly, the first year of college is fine literally lots of money. Then come the second year of college when i got a raise in my monthly money it actually a good news right? but you know what it's pretty much disaster everything is gone within the first week, then i realised why it happen?! it's because i splurge all of it in useless things or event. So i start this kinda my tricks and tips and voila and now it's getting better. 

1. Money Manager app
I find it very useful to track your expense monthly, you can figure out where all your money went. like me it mostly go to food and beauties product. then you can make a plan for next month so you don't have the same mistake. 

2. Money Aid Kit
Seriously i've been doing this for probably a year which i have a second bank account for this, i always transfer 1/3 of my monthly money to this account so whenever i have something urgently i can use this money. I also use this account for saving, I have buy my own smart camera with my own money and I'm so proud of it. 

3. Age?Future?Career?
why age? I'm 21 years old i feel like i'm in my last semester and i'm old it just that i don't wanna give a burden to my parents, my school expense is already expensive i feel like it's my duty to saving. Future yes! because its unpredictable like it's better to prepare than nothing. I don't know perhaps i wanna marry hahah or anything like buying my own house. Career? cause still have a long way to become a doctor when my friends already have a job i still become a co-ass student for next one and half year.

4. Goals 
At first i save because i wanna buy my own camera, and then my phone and now i wanna buy gold. I also buy my own Macbook guys well technically i'm still paying it monthly to my sister. So set your goals is it for travelling, concert or anything, It literally motivates you!

5.  Overcome temptation
i mean you no longer have your parents tell you what to do with your money, it give you so much freedom to spend and spend and spend. But now it's all on you to fight or surrender! 

Well that's it about money, i don't know if this useful or not. But i just wanna share it with you guys. Until we meet again! and sorry for my rusty english.