Saturday, December 31, 2016

Hi. goals :)

Like i always do during new year's eve, I make resolution and new hashtag every year. This year personally i want to improve my mindset and social skills. I will do vacation or meet up without hesitation with my friends or others. No more excuses just go! will have more quality time with my family since this year i will become co-assistant. I personally haven't read anything in 2016 that is so sad. So this year i need to read some good books. That's what i wanna improve in 2017. But this is what i want in 2017.

1. New Camera!, I know i already have one, but i wanna change it with this huhu but seems the budget isn't there. I just wish for miracle to happen :) but I will definitely get this camera. This is canon g5x and is a very nice vlogging camera. 

2. Proper vacation. In the three years i've been in medical school, i never have proper vacation beside going to Malaysia with my sis and going to solo with my friend. I need a proper like free from everything without worry about anything. I really need a proper vacation, my last trip was failed due to schedule clash with my friend and my sis, Hopefully i can make it this year :)

3. Makeup class. this is actually a very fun idea to begin with, i have so many tools for makeup but i can't use it due to lack of knowledge and near death experience by poking my eyebals using mascara and eyeliner *Sigh* This is must! 

4. Bedroom makeover. Yes this is my mom plan for the next year, since i'll be leaving my dorm very soon. My bedroom used to be mine then it become my mom personal workspace, in the end i will have my own bedroom again yay! :)

But i guess that's it is only three wishlist i don't know every year my wihslist getting shorter and shorter. I hope i can make this wish and resolution came true this year :)
Bye and have a wonderful year :) #happyvinot2017