Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year Haul!

Comeback again with my first post in 2017!

Last year around christmas time in 2016 , I order not so little things. Like skincare, makeup and others. I buy it because i really need it and also because around december specially christmas and new year there are so many sale on the site. My favorite site to buy cosmetic is testerkorea. But this time i try to shop on aritaum web, because they give a freeshipping if you order more than $30. I'm so sold. So here it is my new year haul :)

1. Aritaum, my first order is on December, 22nd 2016. You can pay it using visa/mastercard credit card or paypal. They using korea post for the shipping. My packet was delivered on 23rd and arrived on 29th. The shipment is very fast it's taking 6 days only from korea to indonesia. The packing is very secure because they using bubble wrap in every product and the box is very huge. This what i bought on aritaum. 

First is The real pure cleansing foam in moisture and fresh. I really like the packaging for this foam, its like a paint oil tube and the color is so lovely :) It cost me $2.78 from its normal price ($3.98) pretty cheap right for 130ml cleansing foam. 

Then I buy Aritaum Baby face cream in collagen and Aritaum Idol Pen Eyeliner. The cream is very light, i really like this kind of cream because it's really comfortable and not greasy. If you have used nature republic aqua fresh cream the finishing is simillar with that but the consistency of the cream is very different I never have this kind of cream, it's like a paste but thicker. So far i really like it. The eyeliner is not really bad but not good either. Aritaum baby face cream cost $4.97 from $9.94 for the eyeliner is $3.48 from $6.95.

The last one is what i really need an essence because my iope bio intensive care is already gone, and i'm too broke to buy it again haha. So I seek for a cheaper one and this mamonde first energy essence is what i want to try. This essence smells good and the texture is similar with the iope which is very watery. I buy the gift set one for $25.46 from $28.29. This what i get the full size of the essence in 150ml  along with mamonde moisture ceramide light cream in 15ml, and the lotus micro cleansing foam in 30ml. It such a steal right? 

2. Testerkorea, what i like from testerkorea is their request item system you can request anything from any korean shopping website after that they basically buy it and send it to you. Their flaw is they taking so much time to ship, they need 7-10 days before they can send it to you. I bought a planner from Ardium and cost me $7 and i also get etude house cotton pad. 

3. Althea Indonesia, This is the first time i ordered from them it's pretty similar with testerkorea because they also have a standby period. Shipping is faster than testerkorea. They have a condition if you buy more than $20 you can get a free shipping and also they having a 10% off if you buy it using their mobile app. I buy a new laneige cushion because the case look so beautiful, actually i want their holiday collection the milky way but it was sold out. I also get tonymoly backstage eyeliner just because i'm curious. 
All pic was taken using my iphone 6s+ camera :)

So that is my new year haul! Btw i also get a kylie lip liquid the posie k one. I can't wait for it to arrive. Bye everyone have a wonderful year :)