Saturday, January 7, 2017

Review: Kylie Matte Liquid Lipstick Candy K & Posie K

How's 2017 treating you so far? I hope it's good.
So this is my first beauty related post this year and also my first  beauty related post after a long break , my last beauty  post was on 2014. Here it is the famous, most talk about a very hyped matte lipstick last year. As long as i remembered this lip is very hard to get and always sold out.

But now you can get it through it's just too bad that she doesn't ship it to Indonesia. You can still get it there are so many online shop sell it, but things to remember that there are so many fake products out there. So please double check and don't fall for a cheap price, kylie lip kit is $29 (approx 377rb) and the singles matte is $17 (221rb) so if that online shop sell it below that than it's pretty suspicious also there isn't any kylie singapore original or what so ever if they say that it's definitely fishy.

The reason i buy this, isn't because i'm a kylie fan it just my fave youtuber use it and i find it very flattering on her and i wanna try it. First before we started this is my bare lips

First is candy k. It is one of the original color or the first color that kylie launched, according to kyliecosmetics it say that this is a warm pinky nude. For me i always thought that nude is like beige pale skin color so i think this isn't really nude i rather say it's a little brownish color with a touch of pink. This such a neutral color and casual color that you can use everyday. It doesn't need a heavy makeup to rock this color. For me i don't have a pale skin, my skin is very indonesian and it still looks good on my skin at least that's what i think. I buy this candy K in the lip kit so i also have the lip liner. But too bad my lip liner seems broke in the inside. For the liquid lipstick it's smells like a very sweet vanilla. The downside is drying of course every matte lipstick is drying, and personally i find it's not a problem. I love this because it very pigmented, and the staying power is awesome! i don't need a touch up guys. 

Sorry for my teeth showing haha

Posie K. Also one of the original color, I really wanted this color because it seems purple-ish and i love a fuschia and purple-ish lipstick! according to kyliecosmetics this is a mid berry tone. This is everyone favorite colour along with koko k and candy k.  This is for me is a mauve color which is such a hype in 2016. In my lips its not that purple is it's more like mauve with more pink, but still i really like it. 

Sorry for my teeth showing :(

This is the wand and the most basic doe foot aplicator, i like this applicator because for me i only need one swap for full lips and its already pigmented. I don't have any problem with the wand sometimes people get the bad batch which is affect the wand.  Every photo is taken using my nx300m  in my dorm :)

This taken using my iphone with low light in my room
Pros :
Smells good
Staying power AWESOME
Packaging absolutely AWESOME

Not available in Indonesia


Final Though
I absolutely in love with this just because it has awesome staying power, love the color and super pigmented. For the price i think it's not that expensive i mean it almost the same price like jefree star and jouer cosmetics, i think it's still acceptable. The packaging is love, who doesn't in love with that packaging. Since i'm really okay with the drying lips i think I will definitely try others color and probably try jouer or jefreestar next :) So will you try it? let me know.