Monday, February 20, 2017

Drama for valentine's day :)

Hi everyone 22th vina is here :) 
Well for everyone who doesn't know, i just had my birthday on february 14th well valentine's day. I don't really like birthday actually. I never had any birthday party even when i was a kid. When my birthday came my parents just wished me a happy birthday and give me money to celebrating it.

From then i feel birthday is not really important to me. I do feel jealous to people who celebrate birthday or even blow a cake, i do feel this is why i don't like cake infact i hate it. This year my birthday is on my FINAL BIG EXAM which is why my friends forget my birthday. haha not everyone just a couple friends. The point is i hate birthday. so back to the title i wanna recommend Korean drama or movie that is perfect for valentine's day.

1. Weightlifting fairy kim bok joo
Kim Bok Jo
This drama is very verrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy lightweight, the conflict is such a typical romance movie, infact it's such a childish drama. But i love it so much, sometimes you just want a light drama that makes you giggles, i think this drama is so perfect for couple or just alone binge watching it. I love nam joo hyuk character so much i wish i had a little friend like bok joo :))

Splash Love
2. Splash Splash Love
Well i just wish this special drama get extended because it just two episode. I seriously recommend this because the story is lovable. Guarantee you will fall in love with the lead :) 

3. Another miss oh
Miss Oh
This is my top list in my kdrama life, the story is very realistic like if you were the lead you will do the same, it's not typical kdrama cliché eventough the drama itself have a deja vu kind of story. Recommended for forever alone people haha.

Full House
4. Full House
You can't go wrong with full house, everyone loves rain everyone loves song hye kyo! this is such a classic korean drama that can't go wrong i tell you. Love it! very cliché :)
Discovery Love

5.Discovery romance
Want to get back with your ex? go watch this people haha. This drama tought me  to not lie to my feeling, or just don't work with your ex. haha 

So that's it. Tell me if you already watch it and what do you think about it? -vinn