Friday, March 3, 2017

tiny bit closer.

I'm graduating from college :) yes i just finished the entire process of becoming a bachelor. Even tough it still a long way to become a doctor. I feel a little bit closer to my dream. It feels unreal, time flies really fast, and just yesterday i was freshman and now a bachelor. The entire process is a journey i can't forget. the struggle to study when everyone were having fun, the struggle to keep your faith on feeling "is it what i wanted?" "do i really wanna become a doctor?" the depression of not getting enough sleep. The disappointment when i get bad score even-tough i study much or when i felt like i just wanna give up. I felt happy :)

I felt grateful for everything, i can study medicine which is my dream. I can met so many beautiful and happy people in college (re: bils, yur, ti, dan, dir, you, dev, li, mel, bit, tan, zy cik). I have so much people who support me through junior-school (re: bersepuluh) and my high-school sweetheart. And always my parents blessing countless night prayer they gave it too me, exceptional support emotionally and financially. I can thanked enough. And for the next stage which is hospital rotation stage , i wish i had the best experience in this stage.