Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I'm Happier these days!


It's 10:22 pm and i'm on my period and also the big news SHINee has just drop the first teaser for their comeback! you should follow their instagram @shinee.1of1. I don't know why i feel a little bit homesick today i wanna cry and go home but i think it's because of my pms. Okay i wanna tell a little bit story of mine, i feel happier these day and i don't know why. Long time ago i feel like a loner like i never feel happiness like i'm trying to be happy like anyone else, but i guess if you push it too hard to become happy you actually don't feel it.

These days i always say yes when my friends ask me to go out, you know i'm such a lazy person to go out watching movie or even strolling around, but now i want to live in the moment like it's my last year in campus life. I want to try everything before i regret it, there is so many thing i regret actually like speaking or chatting with my friends in highschool, attending reunion event and etc. I don't want to be a person who don't do anything in college like when i was in highschool. I feel happier surrounding my self with good people, having good people when i'm up or down. 
I miss my highschool friends but i can't say it to them. I feel there's a distance between us, i'm trying to change it. I wanna ask how their day is and etc. And also i got a wedding invitation guys!  I'm freaking out haha my elementary school getting married, wow i'm such a grown up right. My college friend will getting married this december and i kinda feel a little insecure but i guess it's very normal. I know for sure i will meet the one in the right time when i'm ready. 
I think that is all i can tell, actually what i'm writting now is very very confusing hahah there's no connection between them, my advice is to be happy is to live in the moment, give your best and be grateful for what you have. That's it haha