Monday, June 11, 2012

Is it?

today england vs france! what a show in euro league right?. too bad i can't watch it since tv is in the living room. and I'm sleeping @ my room not my mom's room. well since I'm too bored and already take a long nap this noon, i can't go to sleep -.- i really hate this, and  btw I'm feeling so hungry hiks don't have any food left in the kitchen.

okay, i'll shared my story. today i learn something special, something important, i have a question.
is it enough for you to have so many people like you just because you try to please them? or do you like it to be? for me i still don't have a courage to tell what i really want to tell, this is still my little problem but i'll try to solve this, well being kind to people is a must for me, but being too kind to people or trying to please them while you're not happy with it. its a big No.

Because some people just won't remember what u give to them, if u doing it just try to please them. Trust me no matter how kind u are, you're not going to be one of their best friend. but if you really kind i mean its really from your bottom of heart, It doesn't matter will they remember ur kindness or not? since you did it sincerely right. So, for people who trying to please everyone. please don't make ur heart cry, its like killing your feeling/heart by your own hands, i know its hard for the first time. But in the end it will be okay, since people will respect you more! :D