Monday, June 11, 2012


I'm Yoona SNSD! & I'm Gorgeous!

She is older than me, but she has such an angelic face, how could tae yon onni be this pretty??
Yoona my favorite photo. she is definitely gorgeous, even with a simple hair :) love her so much! 

Okay posting kali ini akan sedikit mmm aneh. I know, I love Yoona SNSD so much! I love her smile, her voice even her face because she is so pretty and cute. Such a lovely girl. well my favorite from snsd are Yoona and Taeyon. I love Them both. i wish i can see them lively, perhaps many girls don't really like them because they are so pretty (well sometime i hate them too, since they were like liking my forever boyfriend onew❤) and talented. But what so ever with people, i like their style ! these are my collection from many sites hehe:D I do not own the picture ya'