Friday, August 31, 2012

Need to talk!

like now,i'm sick like seriously sick, i do not attend school today. well in this SICK time like i have to talk talk talk!! i really need to talk ... i just want to talk about this, like i don't know what i wanna say but really' never felt this way but just please' ....

in this stage, like im talking wiff my self like for hour? this is superrr okay i admit i always talk wiff my self, but this time its different. point is too much, like my hearts gonna explode, its already full of my asdfghjkl stories, like i really need a species' a homo sapiens species to talk to' 

first' since there's a homo sapiens that i knew is busyy i know every people now like superr duperr busy wif anything school life, well people busy all the time i knew it, so im gonna said everything here. here well there's a song which really match with this is "secrets by one republic" like tell me what you wanna hear! i'm gonna give all my secrets away. 

okay schools no need to talk, like i said it is supeerr busy. well yeahh tell me student who isn't busy right now?! there any' then if them aren't busy then they are not student. from a to z from 1 to infinity i have a lot lot of things i have to do, so leave it here. 

okay friends, this is the super risky problem i have. truth i have so manyyyyyy super kind friends which i really love and i do do do doooooo hope they love me too. thing is because the school part' is the one wh become the problem! like helaaaw i need to talk but they have exam and we don't have a time to talk about this, like when its break i need to pray duha time, then my friends in different class already did that and then they go to canteen. then the break time is finish! i swearr wanna cry. we used to talk before the bell ring' we used to eat together, we used to pray together, like i don't have anyone to blame?? i miss i miss it. 

then elephant, okay i give in i let my hearts open' then its the same story again??? well i do hope not. tell me eleph' how possibly i already open i give it chance but then you left, tell me telll meeee~~~~ is it a crime for me to leave you too, first you're stranger then you become my friend then i like you like this much!!!!!!!!!!!!! then i do hope you like me too. but if you not then its okayy. then i have to let this feeling let it floww~~ dint know for how long just its okay for me to like you' stupid cute elephant .

okay family, truth this is the first time i never talk anything wiff my family, it doesnt mean that i didn't want to, its like i know they are tired and i know it. and i just didn't want to be a burden for them. like my mom taking care of asya all the time, when i arrived at home my mom slept next to him like i wanna talk but she's tired and things just not work out, perhaps i have to understand it, like its part of the growing up things i didn't like :") and my sistaaahh same but this what i already talk with you dearrr blog' since she already have familyy i want to talk when my she came home from work sometimes she had a ten minute break time before sleep, i can use that time to  talk to her but since she's tired it becomes a fuzzy bublbl talk not heart to heart mind to mind talks... and like i said perhaps i should understand this. 

and that is what i want to talk. i cry already, but it isn't change anything. But sometimes crying is the answer. 
But frommmmm this asdfghhjkl stories do not forget to smile, because i do believe no matter how hard SMILE is the best medicine! *hugs*