Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Saat dimana onew masih di hati atau si gajah yang tiba-tiba muncul masuk ke hati??

Onew semua berawal dari hello baby, my boy the one who makes me happy the most when I'm sad. the one who makes my bad mood go away. his smile  can light up my world anytime. he is everything for me.  even everyone think I'm a crazy fan girl. well i know he is such a superstar. I do know he even don't know me, but i like him i like everything about him. I'll ignore everything, I do everything for him. well i care about him, i mean he is just like my imagination friend, not boyfriend because I've told him everything. but until that elephant come to my life, everything change.  I like that elephant, he is cute. everything in him just makes me laugh. I love to laugh. so the point is now, onew has a rival, which is that cute elephant !