Thursday, June 16, 2011


hi :)
its been a long time, i haven't write anything since ~don't know for sure but i believe its been really long time. knowing that i don't have much followers in this blog, so i believe none of you were missing me :P . like the purpose of this blog is to express what i feel, i think, even what i believe. I really don't have much things that i wanna write rite now, but there's something that have been annoying me for long time. ENGLISH

Like you already now, i really am in love with korea, the music, language, culture, people specially my beloved SHINee which is really amazing group ever. but i becoming to obsess with it. its really bad for my english, coz what i heard is an asian group sing some weird language which is fascinating, i heard them sing everyday. i don't really enjoy any kind of western music now. i still listen and update it but its just not the same when i used to update it long time ago. i became forget how to spell well its not that bad i mean, for some reason I'm not sure how to spell english and write it, I'm just not confident like i used to. it just makes me desperate.

so, how am i supposed to do? even I'm surely believe that my grammar is totally a MESS. i just don't wanna lose ENGLISH but i don't wanna lose my hobby too.